Graduated Learning: Life after College

I got my degree, I got a job…now what?

I like this “Advice for New Graduates” series October 10, 2007

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[originally posted Sunday, July 15, 2007 12:41 PM]

I came across this posting, and continued to follow along. has a great series with “Advice for New Graduates”, and I’d like to share it, because I realized this is all pretty good advice for people in my situation (or similar situations).
Advice for New Graduates:  Student Loans

Advice for New Graduates:  Credit and Financing, Part 1

Advice for New Graduates:  Credit and Financing, Part 2 (Maxed Out at Graduation)

Advice for New Graduates:  Housing and Transportation Tips

Advice for New Graduates:  The Tao of the Job Hunt

Make Your Nut Advice for New Graduates:  Series Recap
So, The last link actually has a link to the other pages, but I figure you can either navigate from here or from there.
It’s a gorgeous day today, maybe I should go outside?  Or maybe I’ll build furniture, since I bought some “assembly required” furniture from Target (it was on sale, don’t worry!).  My mom nagged me the last time she was here, pointing out that I have no real furniture (which is almost completely true, except I have an “assembly required” desk my roommate picked up for free a year ago, plus a bed, and plastic pull drawers, which don’t really act as real furniture much).  I figured that, yes, it does cost some money, but I snatched them up when they were on sale (Thanks to my Mom for pointing out the sale!), and the piece of mind I’ll have from being more organized (it will be much easier to store my clothes in real dressers) and I like the idea of making my room not look so much like that of a college student.  I’m trying to be a grown up!
Well, maybe I’ll lounge outside for a little bit, take advantage of the nice weather while I can…


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