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I opened an ING Direct Electric Orange account! October 10, 2007

Filed under: Personal Finance — Stephanie @ 5:41 pm

[originally posted Friday, August 17, 2007 5:20 PM]

So I opened an ING Direct Electric Orange checking account. I had been thinking about doing this for a while, but I didn’t like having to change over any of my direct deposit/auto-pay accounts or anything. But I now HAVE to do it, because Bank of America apparently lied to me recently. I originally opened my Bank of America checking account with my mom as custodian (I guess I started young…or needed a place to put birthday checks). I never took her off of it. I’ve called and also “chatted” with a representative (they have pop-up chats when you’re on the website too long, it seems) and while I got two different answers (you have to close this one and open a new one vs. here’s paperwork to fill out), when my mom tried to go to Bank of America to have the paperwork notarized and dealt with, they completely shot her down. So, if in fact it is possible to merely remove her from my account, the people she talked to wouldn’t let her do it. So now I have to open a new account and close the first one, so I might as well switch some auto-pay accounts. So, I’m thinking I’ll pay my utilities as well as my rarely used credit cards (I’ll keep my more often used cards on my BoA account) and put the average utilities cost in my Electric Orange, so I’ll earn interest on that. I figure this is just a way to increase my savings, since I probably won’t touch it too much. It’s just a more easily accessible savings account that the regular ING Direct Savings Account.

I do still have ING referrals if anyone is interested. If you open an account with at least $250, you get an extra $25, and I get an extra $10. Not too shabby! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email if you want one!


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