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In honor of Blog Action Day October 15, 2007

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In honor of Blog Action Day I figured I’d post a little thought or two about environmentalism, going green, the eco-movement, etc.

I’d like to first discuss my stance on being eco-friendly and everything. I’ve always been into recycling. In fact, I was involved with recycling in my college dorm, and was actually recycling chair for a year or so. My friends all knew me as the recycling queen of sorts, grabbing recyclables off the top of trash cans (if it wasn’t too gross). I was always hounding people to do it. It just seemed so easy to recycle, since bins were never far away. Actually, one time a friend of mine threw a recyclable bottle in the trash just to spite me!

For the most part, I’m eco-friendly because it seems like a good idea. We’re polluting, and we don’t have to. Most actions you can take are relatively easy!

I realized that one problem with the green movement (as with almost any movement) is that you can get pretty extreme if you want to, which can sometimes make things worse. Being all militant is crazy! Just have fun with it!

One of the problems with going to extreme with things is that people start ignoring you, which makes your message less effective. Take, for example, the whole issue with global warning. Some people, like my late Grandpa (rest his soul) said he didn’t believe in global warming, that the earth has always been getting hotter and colder. A few days ago, after the announcement about Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize, a friend of mine said the same thing. And this is where my issue lies: who cares what you believe! Even if it’s too late, as some people say, or that it doesn’t change the temperature, you can help the earth! And most of the eco-ideas out there are just helpful on their own! By reducing your gas usage in your car (by driving a more efficient car, driving less often, etc.) you also save money! And if you are driving less by walking or biking, you’re getting exercise! I am always going around our apartment turning off lights and turning down the heat…partially because I’m thinking about the environment, but also partially because I hate wasting money! If you’ve read any of my past posts, you’ll know I’m still nicely in debt from going to dear old MIT, so saving a couple bucks here and there always helps! I walk and take public transportation, too, which also cuts down a lot on my expenses!

Some earth-friendly stuff is just happiness-friendly, too! Planting a tree, keeping a waterway clean, they just make things look (and smell, taste, etc.) better!

And buying locally? You’ll taste the best tasting fruit and vegetables if you get them fresh and in season!

Well, I suppose this can cover me for now for Blog Action Day (seeing as it’s almost over!) but it’s got me all fired up! So hopefully I’ll post again soon about some environmental issues. This blog is still a work in progress!


One Response to “In honor of Blog Action Day”

  1. Rob Dubinski Says:

    Yes! Buying locally is great for the inner and outer environment 😉

    Here are my thoughts for Blog Action Day:

    Save the Earth. Shut down the EPA.


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