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Paying bills with credit cards? Checking out Costco, too. October 25, 2007

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Before you worry that I’m struggling to get by and paying for everything on credit, let me tell you that this is just a thought about earning points. I recently thought about this idea again because one of my credit card companies sent me a letter telling me that they’ll give me a $10 credit if I pay for utilities or other similar bills with their credit card. Which got me thinking…should I pay my bills with my credit card? I earn points on all the money I spend, and I pay of my credit card bill every month. I think the only thing stopping me is the knowledge that I’d have to change what I’m doing right now. Which really isn’t a very good reason not to switch. Is it worth it to pay for everything with credit cards to earn the extra points? And maybe I should get a cashback credit card, so I’ll get actual money back, instead of points that could add up to some money back….I know why the credit cards want me to do this…they figure if I mess up somewhere, they can gouge me for a lot more than that $10 they would give me.

Thoughts on this? Should I be chasing these rates, points, everything?

I also shopped at Costco the other day with one of my friends (she’s got a membership). I’d been there once or twice before (one of my roommates and I went there on tax-free day to buy mattresses) and I think that store could very easily make you spend way too much money. I can definitely see the use of the store for small businesses (restaurants, daycare centers, etc.). I do think I was tempted quite a bit. And had I not gone there, I would probably not have spent money that day…but I came out of there having spent around $80! I bought laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, dryer sheets, compact fluorescent bulbs (10 bulbs for $4), a carbon monoxide detector (how did we not have one? I knew we needed one after I got panicky about our furnace). I think all of these items were things that we need (in our apartment of 4 people) and since we all share each other’s supplies like those (detergents, etc.) and I hadn’t bought them in a while, I figured it was my turn. I think this made me wish that we split things evenly on those sorts of things, since I definintely bought a lot of stuff! Oh, and I sucummbed to a display of microplush blankets. They were so soft, I couldn’t resist! So that was my one personal splurge. It definitely helped to shop with someone, bounce off the items as necessary or not necessary, good deals or not good deals. I prevented her from buying what was really overpriced deoderant; they were 3 to a pack for a $9 pack. You can usually get deoderant for less than $3 a piece! So, that was lucky. I may have overspent by a few dollars…I think the laundry detergent might have been cheaper at Target (where we went next), and we will probably not need to buy more dryer sheets for the remainder of our lease, but you live, you learn!

Bought just a $6 full-length mirror at Target, since I’ve been meaning to buy one for a while.  It seems that yet again I save up my spending until all at once.

Still trying to figure out what sort of blog this will become…


4 Responses to “Paying bills with credit cards? Checking out Costco, too.”

  1. tv bracket Says:

    Yes, you are correct. Credit cards are often giving away interesting returns bigger than others. For as long as the offer goes, it would be wise things to take them.


  2. eemusings Says:

    I would! Sadly, it’s the opposite for me – my phone/internet provider charges EXTRA to pay by CC. And most companies require a direct debit, meaning they have access to pull the funds from your account rather than me initiating the payment, which I do not like.


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  4. […] term probably wont get anything useful coming to my blog.  The post people probably found was this one, which covered two topics:  a shopping trip at Costco and considering using credit cards to pay […]


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