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I rebalanced my 401(k) portfolio! December 13, 2007

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Well I managed to rebalance my portfolio!  I finally figured out how to rebalance my 401(k) portfolio. It turns out, it’s REALLY easy to do, I just never clicked on the right link. I had way too much money in one fund (as I discussed before), but was moving towards 5 funds at 20% each. They’re mostly in growth funds, since I’m at a point where I can handle more risk (that is, I’m still pretty far away from retirement age). I figure I’ll rebalance them again in 6 months, know that I’m finally a lot more diversified; having 75% of your money in one fund just isn’t a good idea!


2 Responses to “I rebalanced my 401(k) portfolio!”

  1. Hi there! I found your blog through Simple Dollar. I’m also a recent grad in the Boston area with a PF blog, and I’d love to trade links when you get a PF blogroll up and running. Until then, I’ll be reading so keep the posts coming!


  2. […] It was really easy to do…check out this page to see how it went.] […]


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