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A strange day indeed January 13, 2008

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This past Friday I had more people visiting my blog than I usually have in a whole month.  It all started because FreeMoneyFinance posted a link to my post about Roth IRAs in a list of “Star Money Articles“.  Seems that many people followed that link to my blog.  And because so many people had visited my particular post, it became popular enough of wordpress posts that it was on the WordPress homepage under Business News (it’s not there anymore).

I feel like I should thank the writer of FreeMoneyFinance for mentioning me.  Isn’t that what bloggers do?  But thanks especially to those who commented.  I was thinking some about putting all the money in at once…and also wondering if I should put more into my 401(k).  I agree that paying off debt is a surefire way to have good returns in the long run (since you’ll pay less on interest as you pay down your debts).  I think I’m a bit uncomfortable with upping my 401(k) contributions since I don’t want to have too little money available (I’m a bit of a worst-case-scenario type of person), and I figure the more money I have now, the more I can pay off my student loans.

I appreciate all your comments, and hopefully others benefited from the advice as well.  Keep the comments coming; the more we all know, the better we can get at this!

(or as they said on the most recent episode of Monk:  The more you know, the less you don’t know!)


2 Responses to “A strange day indeed”

  1. Niyaz PK Says:

    Congrats for gaining traffic.
    Best wishes


  2. FMF Says:

    Congrats! Glad it worked out for you.


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