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Sold my textbooks back to the book store January 27, 2008

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So, I graduated from MIT back in 2006. My sister is a current student there, so I just gave her all my books (so she can use them/sell them to others). There’s a few sites to buy/sell used books specifically at MIT, in addition to the usual and, such as…bookx (MIT Personal Certificate required), MIT 412, CampusBeacon, or emailing around your dorms (which is highly frowned upon). At any rate, no one ever bought any of the books from her. So, finally, we went in and sold my books back. All I can say is, I should have sold them back a long time ago. I held on to so many books with the assumption that I’d use them again…and that never happened.

I took the tradeoff between getting more money for the books and the hassle of posting the books to amazon or something and finding storage space for the books and just sold them back to the school bookstore. The COOP is notorious for selling books at high prices and buying back books at little to no money. They also don’t buy back old editions. And since I sat on selling books for so long. I got a grand total of…$50.75 for perhaps 10-15 books. Which means I barely got any money back.

But it’s something…and is a reminder to me that I should stop procrastinating. I still have a few books left over that I may try to sell online or just donate…maybe get a tax benefit for that?

That’s pretty much it financially right now. I am thinking about moving money from my emergency fund to pay down my student loans…but again the procrastination is hitting me. Gotta get better at this!


6 Responses to “Sold my textbooks back to the book store”

  1. Chuck Says:

    I would leave the emergency fund alone and just add new money to the loans…


  2. Teoh K H Says:

    Good idea to sell your old stuff.Anyway not only money but save our earth.
    Old edition is also a good one.


  3. Jessica Says:

    Have u try the online bookstore Cocomartini

    I get all my textbooks for this semester from this bookstore. All are brand new and 60%off discount from normal price.

    Good luck and wish some help.

    hehe ^_^


  4. Crazy Daisy Says:

    I always dreaded selling my books, due to the lack of return. However, the last couple semesters, I have either kept my books for my future office, or sold them to new students in the program! It has worked out fairly well!

    Happy to see student loan rates are going down! I’ll be graduating in May, so I’m hoping to consolidate!


  5. Spencer Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know about another great site I found this year, while buying books. The site is called and the site is set up like craigslist, but instead of having your town be your network, your under the school you go to. Its a pretty cool site. I would recommend it to everyone!


  6. Diane Says:

    I buy my textbooks from they eve show me where to sell my textbooks for buyback.


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