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Warning: Distractions ahead February 6, 2008

So, Trent over at the Simple Dollar posted about chainfactor and how addictive it is. I have to admit, some evenings, I’ll be playing it while watching TV with my roommates.

I also found another site from a friend, then was reminded of it (as seems to happen often) through Frogpond (part of BzzAgent). I’ve also found it pretty darn addictive…Free Rice. I’m pretty sure that Free Rice started getting a pretty big following a while ago, but it’s good to see another promotion of it. Basically, you take a vocabulary quiz, and every answer you get right is another 10 grains of rice donated to the hungry (paid for by the advertisements on the page. (To find out more about my involvement in Frogpond and Bzzagent, check out a post I wrote awhile back). Other current “Frogs” include the Ripoff Report (which reminds me of The Consumerist, which is definitely in my blog reader).

A while back, they had a “Frog” for The Child Health Site. Basically, this site is part of a network that also is a “pay-per-click” donation setup. Clicking once a day helps donate money to many other causes (besides Child Health): you can help fight hunger, fight breast cancer, fund books for children, preserve endangered rainforest land, and help animals.

Well, hopefully this will keep you busy clicking things for a while!


One Response to “Warning: Distractions ahead”

  1. Well-Heeled Says:

    I LOVE Free Rice… I just spent 30 minutes on there. My best vocab level was 42, already it wavers around 40 more consistently.

    I just read their FAQ that the highest level is 55 & that most people don’t get above 48… well.. my new goal is to get to 50. Heehee.

    I am a total vocab nerd, but it served me well during on the SATs.


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