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Discounts all over Boston! May 19, 2008

So, I don’t know when this started, but I was on the MBTA website today and they had a link to a page listing businesses around Boston who are participating in a discount program (and what the discounts are). You show them your Charlie Card and you get either a discount on your purchases, or a free ticket/product/etc. I’m especially excited to see there’s a discount on Ben & Jerry’s locations around Boston…mmmmm.

Just figured I’d share with my fellow Boston-ites (and anyone who comes to visit).

Oh, and by the way, I’ve been updating Mrs. Micah’s brainchild, The Finwikian, in particular, the site for 20-something bloggers…you all should add your blogs to the list! (and to The Finwikian in general!)


One Response to “Discounts all over Boston!”

  1. GG Says:

    You know just what to post to make me miss Boston. Oooh, I want to go back!


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