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Chocolate Bar Buffet June 7, 2008

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE chocolate. And even if you don’t know me, now you know!

Last Saturday, I went to a chocolate buffet.

Yes, you read correctly. It was a buffet of chocolate. For a while now a few friends kept mentioning it and wondering aloud how I’ve never been there when I’m such a chocolate fan. So they invited me and my boyfriend out to the chocolate bar.   If you’re in Boston, you should definitely go.  It’s at the Langham Hotel in Boston.

Let me tell you…it was AMAZING! They had many different pastries, cookies, mousses, truffles, petite fours. They made chocolate crepes for you (en flambe, if you please!) with fresh fruit and other fillings. They made cold-stone style ice cream with your favorite fillings. There was a huge chocolate fountain for dipping, with strawberries, pineapple pieces, pretzels, marshmallows, and cake pieces nearby to dip. They were making cotton candy, freshly baked chocolate cookies, chocolate bread pudding. There were sampler “shots” (small glasses filled with dessert). The S’mores sampler included graham cracker crumbs, chocolate mousse, and marshmallow topping. They had dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate.  They had three different chocolate “soups” available; the soups were really just thick hot chocolates.  I was about to go for the dark chocolate soup (I love dark chocolate!) when I saw “Wicked Chocolate Soup”.  I knew I had to get that.  It was so good!  If you’d like, click here for a pdf of their menu.

I highly recommend you go.  It’s a bit pricey, at $35 per person for adults, but it’s something you should definitely try, even once.  Yes, it’s a bit overwhelming.  Yes, you’re probably going to end up stuffing yourself silly.  But it’s fun for a special occasion.  In fact, there was a bridal shower going on there that day…what an AWESOME idea!


6 Responses to “Chocolate Bar Buffet”

  1. Amrita Says:

    WOW! A chocolate buffet….that leaves me weak in the knees!
    why doesn’t my town come up with something like that!

    Thanks for sharing!

    man…I need to go and raid my fridge now…….


  2. OH MY GOSH–next time I’m in Boston, I will have to check this out. What a great idea.


  3. Penny Says:

    thank you!


  4. Mariel Says:

    Hey Steph – As demanded by the rules of viral blogging, I’m tagging you. Check out my blog for more info on what to do.


  5. Oh wow, I went to the Chocolate buffet a few weeks ago, too! Wasn’t it amazing? I was proud of myself for stopping before I got sick! The chocolate cotton candy blew me away.


  6. Oh, Geeze!

    I wish you had written about this in May when I was in Boston adn could have gone…..

    Just thinking about all that chocolate is making me crave it.


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