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My financial plan for after I get a new job June 26, 2008

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Don’t get too excited, I don’t have a new job quite yet.  But as usual, I’m thinking about finances.  Right now, of course, I’m in the hoarding mode when it comes to money.  Granted, before I lost my job, I was pretty good at saving money, but I also was more willing to pay down student loan debt or splurge on a few new outfits.  I’m looking forward to having a new job for plenty of reasons.  For starters, I’ll have a more structured, productive day doing something in my field of expertise (hopefully), as opposed to days home, scouring the internet for openings.  Secondly, it will be nice to have a little more money coming in.  I actually am not doing too badly right now, as I received a month’s severance, I’m collecting unemployment, and my Federal and State tax refunds and the stimulus package all came soon after I was laid off.  So, shoving most of that into savings helps me feel a little bit, well, safer.  I am also really looking forward to paying extra towards my student loans.  I know, that sounds so weird, but I’m thinking as soon as I’m making money on a regular basis, I’ll be able to either take a little bit out of savings, or I’ll use extra income beyond my budget to throw at my student loans.  I may have mentioned previously (or just commented on random other blogs) about how having a larger savings account right now feels better than paying off student loans, even though I’m earning less on interest in savings than I’m accruing in interest on my student loans.  So I’m not doing the “smart” thing when it comes to dealing with debts.  But I swear, as soon as I’m back on my feet, I’m going to go back to chopping down my student loan debt.

I’m looking forward to being challenged again.  I’m also looking forward to hopefully having a company health plan again, and maybe a 401(k)!  Yep, I think those are still things I’m looking for.  But I think I have to look at a job offer for what the job is actually going to be, not just salary or other benefits.  Because I’m pretty sure I’d rather get paid a little less to do what I love than to be paid a lot to be unhappy all the time…

We’ll see.  I’ll be sure to post when I get a job.  Who knows when that will be…two days, two weeks, two months?  As long as it’s not two years, I’m okay!

What are your priorities when looking for a job (or comparing offers)?  Location?  Benefits package?  Opportunities for growth?  Actual job description?  I’m just curious to see how different people prioritize when it comes to employment opportunities.  Are you thinking about your future, or just your present condition when you accept an offer?

Points to ponder, let me know what you think!


5 Responses to “My financial plan for after I get a new job”

  1. Chuck Says:

    I think the most important suggestion I have is to get out there and network and talk to people rather than surfing the internet for openings. Talk to old professors or friends or anyone who will introduce you to others.

    Good luck!


  2. Money Maus Says:

    When I was job-hunting from January until the beginning of June, I looked for a few things, not necessarily in this order:
    1. Benefits package
    2. Overall disposition of employees (do they like the company? their co-workers? do they seem positive & happy instead of bored?)
    3. Opportunities for growth w/i the company

    I am glad to say that the place where I work now has ALL of these – plus they have fantastic employee retention! Just my 2 cents – good luck! 🙂


  3. The thing that always was and is important to me is work environment. At every interview, I’d sort of try to feel out the manager, imagining myself working with him or her. It was the biggest thing that sold me on my current job, and I still am really glad I picked it.

    Best wishes with the job hunt!!


  4. Penny Says:

    My college has listings you can subscribe to, alumni groups you can use as a resource, etc. Perhaps yours does too? I’ve found that the best people to help me in my career are the ones that have similar experiences as myself (and coming from a very tradition laden school qualifies as “experiences”)…

    Yes, I agree, I should have asked for water, but there was a bucket of beers on the table, and well — I was thirsty! I was asking for trouble, but at least I was in control of myself the whole time — not wasted, just drunk. It still sucks though.


  5. Money Maus Says:

    Thanks for the long comment, I liked it! 🙂 Good luck with your #1 & #2 priorities… and especially finding a job!!


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