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It turns out exercising isn’t that bad! July 2, 2008

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So, anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m not the most athletic person.  I get winded pretty easily, and find it hard to get into the habit of exercising.  I know it’s a good idea to stay fit and healthy, but that knowledge doesn’t always translate to activity.  I’ve been debating joining a gym for a while now, but I always decide that I don’t want to spend the money on it.  When I was working, I figured my commute to and from the subway would be a good amount of exercises.  But now that I’m unemployed, I’m only walking to public transportation on interview days.  I do occasionally bike to the library, which is a nice ride, but I don’t do that too often.

My boyfriend and a few few other friends of mine ran the New Charles River Run this weekend.  I felt a little lazy just “supporting” them and not running.  It turns out one of my friends wasn’t running (she had signed up but had gotten sick beforehand and was unable to run), and was there to cheer on her boyfriend.  I complained to her how I am nowhere near running something like that (they had a 5k and a 7.5mi race).  She said that I should just start slow, and check out programs called “Couch to 5k” (or “Couch Potato to 5k).  So when I got home, I hopped on the internet to see what I could dig up.

So I found a site with a lot of the information on it, and this site in particular has the description of what you should do each week.  I the first site in particular has a list of a few different podcasts that are meant to guide you through your runs/walks/jogs.  I think this one is pretty good.  I’m thinking I’m going to start doing them pretty soon.

I also occasionaly read a bunch of different feeds from the Sugar Network, including CitizenSugar, GeekSugar, and CasaSugar.  One of the other ones I read is FitSugar.  The other day they had a post that caught my eye.  They mentioned ExerciseTV.  It turns out, you can watch free exercise videos on the website, and if your cable company provides OnDemand, you can watch on there, too!  And I did!  I closed the shades (I felt like people could watch me contorting about, and I wasn’t ready to be laughed at!) and went through 2 of the workouts…one for abs in particular, and one that was a combination yoga/fitness program.  Yes, I probably shouldn’t have done so much right off the bat.  I was definitely worn out afterward.  And I’m still feeling aches and pains in my body today.  But it felt really good, even if I was struggling through it a little.  I’m planning on doing some more exercises tomorrow, and work my way up.  And I also want to try out the Couch to 5k program.

So, we’ll see what happens.  I am starting this with the best intentions, but I’m not sure if I can keep at it.  Anyone have tips on how to stay on an excercise regimen?  I’ll let you know how I do with this!


6 Responses to “It turns out exercising isn’t that bad!”

  1. asgreen Says:

    Good for you! It is definitely important for our health to be active. If you find yourself slacking, then just go take a walk. The key is to find an exercise that is fun! good luck!


  2. Kate Says:

    I’m a huge home exercise nerd–a few decent dvds (or ExerciseTV as you mentioned) and you’ve got a well-rounded, cheap exercise program!
    I also love couch to 5k–just be sure you’ve invested in some good running shoes. Running in old (walking) sneakers temporarily derailed my 5k aspirations when I moved up to 5 minute jogs and messed up my poor knees. 😦


  3. Money Maus Says:

    I love home exercise DVDs! I have 2 of them that I try to do a few times a week, one is pilates and the other is cardio kickboxing. They are both great and give me a good workout – I just use my own music instead of listening to the instructors 😉 WTG on trying. I try to set a schedule to do my DVDs (mostly MW & either or Sat/Sun) which are my non-TV nights. lol, good luck!! 🙂


  4. Kendall Says:

    Hey! So I’m a little late, but …
    I friggin *hate* running. And I really can’t see the logic in joining a gym. Maybe for the weights, or if you have a family membership, but I don’t even use it often enough when I have a free membership (school, and when I lived at home).

    So I got a second job! waitressing is a workout! People roll their eyes at me when I say that, but those are the people who haven’t ever been a waitress! There’s lots of lifting and walking (my phone tells me I walk3-4 miles every night I work.) and sometimes running, and I’m always sore after nights we were very busy. So instead of paying to work out, I’m getting paid! That I’m a big fan of–incorporating the exercise into daily life–like how you walked to the T every morning.

    Now I know that cardio is apparently important in an exercise diet, and that I really don’t have much of that (hate running!), but that couch-5k site looks pretty easy. Maybe I’ll try it if I have time! though i am a bit offended at being called a couch potato 😉


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