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Whitewater rafting and camping over the weekend July 23, 2008

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This past weekend, I went camping and whitewater rafting in Millinocket, Maine.  And it was AWESOME.  One of my friends has been setting up rafting trips for a few years now, coordinating a bunch of his friends to drive up to Big Moose Inn and Campgrounds and go rafting on the Penobscot River with North Country Rivers.  Every year, the group grows.  This year, we had 32 people in our group!  Basically, people have fun, then the next year, they invite all their friends to come along.  There are different people in charge of different tasks, which really helps.  Hopefully he doesn’t mind me copying his list for your benefit.

Quartermaster – Before trip needs to make sure we have miscellaneous stuff like buckets to clean dishes, rope and garbage bags.  On trip is in charge of all this stuff and makes sure it gets back to correct owner.
Mess Captain – Head of kitchen.  Will go grocery shopping with me the Thursday before the trip.  Manages food and makes sure cleanup happens after each meal.  They also decide who gets to cook.  (This may need to be multiple people)
BoozeCom – Needs to have a hat to pass around.  Will take requests from the group and should get us enough beverages to not get thirsty on Saturday night.  We might have two this year, one to stop at a liquor store and the other to get beer at a supermarket (yeah Maine).
FireCom – Responsible for burners and our main fire.
Concierge – This person only needs to help me before the trip.  They need to help me make sure we have enough tents for the trip.  (Or enough volunteers to sleep under the stars…)
The “Concierge” also ended up taking everyone’s preferences on who they do or don’t want to be in a tent with (best friends, snorers, bedwetters, etc.) and figuring out where everyone is going to sleep.  The Mess Captain made a great choice in chopping up all the fixings for our food prior to the trip (we put chicken or beef in tin foil with seasonings and vegetables for our main meal).  He didn’t have to worry about lunch the day we went rafting…the rafting company provided it.
We sorted ourselves by how hard-core we wanted to be about rafting…whether we were hoping to get by without getting wet (which is IMPOSSIBLE!) or wanted to pay the rafting guides to upturn your boat.
I went last year, and it was just as exciting then as it was this last time.  I’m pretty much not a very adventurous person, but whitewater rafting is just so exhilarating and exciting!  One girl in my raft noted that she was so excited that she was scared!  And really, I think a little fear makes it that much more fun.
I highly recommend going rafting.  It’s pretty awesome.  And camping with a bunch of friend, and meeting new people in the process is pretty great too.

2 Responses to “Whitewater rafting and camping over the weekend”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Quatermaster’s not master of quarters? As a waitress, quarters are my favorite pieces of change. strange, I know. Sounds like a Camilo trip? I missed one once . . . I don’t remember why. Glad it was a good time. Rafting is always a blast!


  2. Robert Says:

    Never tried it – but it’s on the list. Sounds like an awesome time.

    ..great blog you have here!


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