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How do YOU choose your investments? August 2, 2008

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So, after my post the other day about my 401(k) portfolio decisions, I got some really great input about what to look for when selecting investments. I got some great advice, including to look out for the expense ratio, since that’s going to be costing you quite a bit over the long run.

And so I’m opening up the comments to hear from you. What sort of decisions do you make when you’re picking investments…does it depend on the sort of account (IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k)/403(b), plain old brokerage account, etc.)? What’s important to you? Historical performance, volatility, size, growth/value/blend, actual investments? In the category of “actual investments”, are you concerned about “socially concious mutual funds? I may have shared this before, but I found a neat tool that helps you to find out if there are investments within your funds that don’t jive with your social/economic/environmental goals.

I feel like some of these factors will depend on how open to risk you are, what amounts of money you’re investing, what time frame you’re looking at, and what your goals are with your investment.  But really, I’d love to hear from you on what impacts your decisions on investments.  In a way, this post is a bit self-serving, since I’m looking for the advice.  But I hope others that come here can read through the comments and get some ideas themselves.

Thanks in advance for all your advice!


2 Responses to “How do YOU choose your investments?”

  1. Kim Says:

    I know what you mean about visiting blogs with the same theme! It throws me for a bit too.

    Thanks for stopping by my giveaway! Come visit anytime!


  2. Tom Says:

    Hey Steph!
    When I’m looking at mutual funds to choose, I always opt for index funds when they are available. I don’t necessarily believe that they’re superior to actively managed funds (though definitely better than most!), but I don’t think I have the ability to identify which actively managed funds are the best.


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