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An update on my car discoveries October 3, 2008

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So, the other night, I told you about learning more about my car (including how to pump gas).  I actually got linked to by a Boston-related blog, Universal Hub, which is pretty cool.  I think I might start reading them!

And today, I discovered a few more facts.

The top number the instantaneous mpg reading can hit is 99.9 (it only has room for those digits).  And I’ve found that I can hit that number pretty often!  Basically, if I’m coasting (taking my foot off the gas), I can pretty much max out, since I’m using so little gas.  Let this act as a reminder that you should try to coast as much as possible (when it’s safe!) because your momentum can take you pretty far!

I also browsed around GasBuddy some more after my post.  One thing to note is that it sends you to the local site (for me it was BostonGasPrices).  One feature I’m a fan of is the Fuel LogBook.  It lets you keep track of what you’re spending on gas.  And it also tracks your gas mileage, so if you don’t have that fancy feature on your car (like I do), you can still see how you’re doing on gas mileage.  And it’s easier to just enter the information there than set up a spreadsheet to do it.

I also wanted to note that this is in no way a sponsored post.  I realized I’ve now posted twice about GasBuddy…I just wanted to share some things I’ve found!  You can also use MSN’s Gas Prices page to look at local gas prices.  They get their numbers from OPIS, rather than from local price-spotters.  Do you have a favorite place to go to find gas prices?

So far, it looks like my average mileage is 35.8 mpg.  I’m going to keep trying to drive as efficiently as possible!


5 Responses to “An update on my car discoveries”

  1. Gas Mileage Says:

    Thanks! I’m always on the hunt for gas saving tricks.


  2. Shtinkykat Says:

    Is the MPG gas gauge on your car accurate? I’ve been keeping track of my MPG for several months now and I’ve noticed that it’s off anywhere between 8% to 11% (not in my favor, BTW). But either way, it is a really cool device since you visually see how your driving is affecting the gas efficiency of your car. Thanks for 411 about Fuel Log Book. They’ve got a website for everything! I’m going to just keep using my low-tech spreadsheet. Heh heh.


  3. You ended up getting the Corolla, right? I’m looking at getting a new car in 6 months so I’ve got to start thinking about these things!


  4. SavingDiva Says:

    I’m a big fan of gasbuddy. I also like to accelerate slowly and brake as little as possible 🙂


  5. Stephanie Says:

    Shtinkykat: I’m actually not sure how accurate it is…I’ll update when I enter another data point into gasbuddy. But yes, seeing how your driving impacts your mileage is pretty helpful!

    Quarterlifegirl: Yep, I got the Corolla. I like it a lot!


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