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Blogoversary update: trends and friends November 15, 2008

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My last post about my Blogoversary was mostly recapping what I’ve been up to since I started blogging.  And I promised that I’d discuss more about what sort of trends I’ve noticed in my blogging, and where most of my referrals are coming from.

Time for a bit of “link love”!

Blogs that send me a lot of traffic:

Well-Heeled, with a mission [4/30/2018 edit:  no longer active, links to her site are broken]:  a pretty cool 20-something persona finance blog.  I am lucky enough to be on her blogroll, and since her blog is pretty popular, I luck out with people finding me through her.

Free Money Finance:  a blog with a lot of readers as well, with plenty of posts.  I got a big boost in visitors after I was linked to as a post of the week.  I’m also on the blogroll there, so I’m guessing that I get a bit of residual help there.

Universal Hub:  a Boston-area blog that often links to area bloggers. My post about my first time pumping gas was featured in a post, so I got a heck of a lot of traffic those next few days.

Small Budget, Big Style:  another 20-something pf blogger who has some great posts.  I guess this again is another case of residual linkage from a popular blog.

The Tough Broad:  a fellow New Englander (New Englandite?  New English?) young female blogger working her way out of debt (like me!) who also links to me in her blogroll.

I also get referrals from fellow personal finance 20/30-something bloggers Penny, MoneyMaus, and ShtinkyKat.

There are plenty of other blogs that link to me, but looking at the stats that WordPress shows me, these are some of my top referrers.

As for my top posts:

How often should I contribute to my Roth IRA?:

My top post seems to be the top post for a few reasons.  1.  It was linked to by Free Money Finance (as mentioned above) and 2. It’s a very common question.

I got laid off…now what?:

Sadly, this post has been getting more and more popular with this darn economy of ours.  But hopefully the post has been useful, and anyone who has more questions about that transition, let me know, I’ve got a whole handful of thoughts and ideas about it!

As for the searches that bring people to my blog:

I can sort the searches into a few different categories:

PF related:  ING, student loans, 401k, IRAs, flexible spending accounts, diversification, etc.

Other:  Nicaragua (from my travel recap), haircuts (from a few haircut posts, though a lot of people look for “graduated haircuts”, and so mistakenly show up here), life after college, and a few for couch to 5k and other fitness searches (and sadly, my high hopes for sticking to an exercise plan have completely failed).

So far, it has been great blogging.  I’ve learned a lot and shared a lot as well.  I encourage you to check out my blogroll (which I think might need some editing), and let me know what you hope to see here!


One Response to “Blogoversary update: trends and friends”

  1. Shtinkykat Says:

    Great blog and enjoy your posts. I just wish it was a bit more frequent. 😉


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