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And yes, I love material science! November 18, 2008

I don’t usually touch on my academic background in the blog.  I tend to talk more about personal finance, with a bit of food and Boston talk thrown in.  And I guess general musings about life after graduation.  But today I’d like to talk about Materials Science and Engineering.

First off, I studied Materials Science and Engineering at MIT.  I originally was going to major in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, but the more I looked at the majors, the more I realized Materials Science and Engineering was the place for me.  It’s a great combination of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aero/Astro, and really, lots of science and engineering majors.

I think I often find myself urging others to pursue Materials Science and Engineering, or at least science/engineering in general.  And my new job gives me plenty of ways to share my love of science, engineering, and my scientific background with others.  I went back to MIT for their Career Fair and talked to students about my job and what sort of work I do.  And I went to an event for women in engineering, where high school girls interested in science and engineering came together and learned about future career opportunities.  I really like telling people about all the cool things that you can do as an engineer or scientist.  Maybe that makes me a geek!

So, I think I’ll post every once in a while about materials and such.  It’s something I’m really interested in!  And I’d also like to mention that, while I’m not a career adviser or anything, if you have any questions about college/careers in science/engineering, let me know.  I know it sounds lame, but I really like helping people.  And so if there’s a student who wants to know more about colleges or majors, I’d be happy to help.

So, stay tuned for more posts, likely with more reasons for why I love materials!

p.s.  A really cool resource out there is OpenCourseWare, a program through MIT where material from classes taught at MIT is posted for anyone to read/watch/listen to for free.  Check it out!  And since I’m promoting Materials this week, you should definitely look at the courses listed under that major. (especially 3.091, an extremely popular class at MIT.  The professor, Donald Sadoway, is an exceptional scientist and lecturer, and the class is a good start on the topic).


7 Responses to “And yes, I love material science!”

  1. Kendall Says:

    OpenCourseWare is great! A student here told me that she used it to get through freshmen physics, so I told my brother to use it, too, and he really liked \\\\\Walter Lewin and his crazy hair.

    😛 on Sadoway, though. I blame that guy for not being able to start MatSci until i was a junior and for having to take a whole major’s worth of classes in 2 years …


  2. Kendall Says:

    That was a tongue. I was raspberrying toward Sadoway, but it just looks like a dude with his mouth hanging open up there …


  3. Shtinkykat Says:

    Ah. This explains how/why you reverse engineered my salary range. You’re one smart cookie! 😉


  4. rohedi Says:

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  5. Denaya Lesa Says:


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  6. Rohedi Says:

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  7. Savvy History Says:

    I didn’t think I was a science or math person for a long time (until I read the right books about them). It’s funny how reading was my gateway to them. Now I think what you have as a background sounds so awesome!!!! I’m jealous:)

    Liked by 1 person

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