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A Commercial Holiday December 3, 2008

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Usually, I leave the advertisement discussions to my friend at Drink Moxie, but since this one has a bit of a personal finance relationship, I figured I’d mention it.

Every year, when Christmas starts to roll around, there’s a whole slew of ads.  And the ads that bother me the most are the ads for new cars.  Almost all of them involve someone surprising their loved one with a brand new shiny car.  Complete with a bright red bow on top.

Do these ads bother anyone else?  How many people actually do this?  I’m guessing it’s usually just the luxury cars on these ads since it’s the more well-to-do people that could actually afford to surprise someone with a car.  But how often do people do that?  Every Christmas?  But like most ads, they’re trying to convince you it’s the thing to do; everyone else is doing it!

Do you let the commercials out there impact what you buy?  I’d like to think that most commercials don’t affect me.  The only ones that make me crave what they’re selling are ads related to chocolate.  M&M’s and Toll House ads get me drooling every time.


3 Responses to “A Commercial Holiday”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Yeah, I agree. I always think those commercials are stupid. Unless you just have ridiculous amounts of money, a car purchase is going to be something you discuss before it shows up in the driveway … And if you do have ridiculous amounts of money, wouldn’t a car be on par with, like a sweater? oh goody. You bought me a car. Can I take it back and get a different color?


  2. I don`t watch TV any longer. Commercials don`t bother me. It`s seeing things IN PERSON that make me want to buy


  3. I think I remember reading a post some time ago about cars and gifts….and why its such a terrible idea. By any chance…. are you talking about the commercial that the guy gives his wife a paper bag, then a trampoline…and then a car? After reading that post, I always chuckle a little and wonder if she’s hyperventilating with the thought of what their payments must be on those cars….

    Anyway….yes. They annoy me. Commericials don’t make me buy more, if anything they get me to avoid places. For instance I love jewelry, but after all those ads I feel kind of sick if I start thinking about Jared or Kay’s. (Does anyone else ever feel like gagging while watching them?)

    I agree….send me a Tollhouse cookie commercial over a Jared one any day. I swoon for chocolate chips!


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