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Playing Monopoly January 18, 2009

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I was playing a few different board games with some friends over the holidays. One that is always fun with groups is Visual Eyes.  We also played Monopoly, which I find to be a bit less fun.  Mostly because I play against people who are very determined.  I also realized that my Monopoly strategy is pretty much the opposite of my real life strategy.

I think a common strategy in Monopoly is to buy whatever properties you land on, so that you can make money off of them and prevent anyone else from doing the same (or worse, getting a monopoly and building up houses and hotels).  And that has been my Monopoly strategy.  But during the game, I started to get more and more anxious.

Because I had bought so many properties, I didn’t have a lot of cash on hand.  And so when I landed on a friend’s property that had a hotel on it, I started making deals and mortgaging all of my properties.  And I started dreading my next roll, hoping someone would land on my Monopoly of Monopolies (Park Place & Boardwalk), which would bring me quickly back into wealth.  Of course no one ever landed there, and I continued to live “paycheck to paycheck” (passing go!), in constant fear that I’d land on someone’s property and owe them a lot more money.

I realized just how different my life strategy is compared to my Monopoly strategy.  In Monopoly, I spend as much as possible, and hope that I’ll make money off those investments.  In real life, I try to save every cent and keep as much money on hand to pay any expenses.  I do have investments (retirement accounts, a car if you consider it an investment), but I don’t spend more than I can afford on these retirement accounts.

I know Monopoly is just a game.  But I still managed to get anxious with every roll of the dice!

How does your Monopoly (or other game) strategy compare to your life strategy?


One Response to “Playing Monopoly”

  1. That’s a good point, comparing Monopoly to life. I tend to do the same kind of strategy with Monopoly just so I can trade properties for later.

    But it’s so different from what I do in life. I guess.. with real money and not Monopoly money, we’re different animals. In a game, we don’t care how much we win or lose 🙂 Unless you’re in a Monopoly competition of course

    Fabulously Broke in the City
    Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver.


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