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Rewarding good behavior February 10, 2009

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So, last night I went to the gym for the SECOND time!  Wooo!

Went on the treadmill, then watched some of the Presidential Address while on the recumbent bike.

I found out what the machine was that I used last time.  It’s an Arc Trainer.  It’s funny, on their website, they like to point out that it’s NOT an elliptical.

So, I’ve decided, that, as a reward for going to the gym (after I go 15 times), I’m going to buy myself a new pair of sneakers.  The only pair I currently own are ones I bought for their look at Payless quite a few years ago.  And I’m thinking that I should probably have sneakers with appropriate support and that are for the type of exercise I’m doing.  And this is where you, my readers, get to help me out.  What type of sneakers should I buy?  Do you have a favorite brand, store, or style?  I guess there are running shoes, walking shoes, cross trainers…I don’t want to spend a lot, but I want a good shoe.  How much did you pay for your shoes?

And let me know if you like these posts, or if you’d prefer I go back to just personal finance postings.


6 Responses to “Rewarding good behavior”

  1. SP Says:

    My running shoes were $110 (!) and I paid another $20 for insoles because my arches were collapsing and giving me knee pain. You might want to go to a specialty running store where they will look at your gait and help you pick the right support.

    Mine are… etonic kendari? But ASICs seem to be extremely popular.

    My reward is a $1 itunes song each time, because I want to build up my music collection anyway. 🙂


  2. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go to a running store so they can make recommendations, however I would make the actual purchase online. My last pair of sneakers were bought on They were pretty cheap as it was (around $40?) and then I found a coupon code to use with a Visa credit card (do a couple searches for those) and they came out to just around $25. Definitely buy online. (Try them on in the store though….I lucked out with my purchase and they fit great!)

    The ones I bought were adidas, I’ve had no foot problems and they’ve lasted me at least 4 years (I didn’t use them for at least a year though, lol). I have a friend that is a podiatrist and she recommends New Balance, although she wears Nike Shox (she won’t “recommend” them though because some people have problems with the heels on those. NB are pretty well received overall.)


  3. Kate Says:

    hey Steph, i stalked you off Angi’s blog. Definitely check out the saucony outlet in cambridge (its on cambridge st, near inman sq, the somerville/cambridge line). they helped me pick out my saucony hurricanes, which ive bought the exact same version like 3 times now, and they are an outlet so super cheap.

    on a personal finance note… what are your thoughts on Quicken? vs online registrars/Quicken knockoffs vs balancing your checkbook by hand or other alternatives. Sorry if you’ve blogged about this before, I just started reading 🙂


  4. Money Maus Says:

    I just bought a brand-spankin’-new pair of Asics. My old Adidas sneakers were $35 at an outlet and definitely needed replacing. My Asics were $150 (!) and they are Gel Kayanos. So far, I am in love! I go to kickboxing classes (intensive 1-hour cardio) 3x per week so I need shoes that can hold up to the stamina. No complaints except that I need to break them in slightly. I hope they last me at least a few years due to the price. 🙂


  5. CS Says:

    I am a former crosscountry/track runner. Here’s what we were taught:

    Get fitted at a full-service shop once (running shop, I don’t know if other types do this), they know how to match a shoe to your foot, gait, and needs. Ask lots of questions, which features they recommend for you, etc and next time you can go to a sports store (such as Big5 or Sports Authority) or online and get shoes (usually last year’s models) for around $40.

    Consider the type of exercise you think you’ll be doing the most of- running? Then look for a running shoe. Kickboxing? Then look for a cross-trainer, they have more side-to-side support. Ellipticals/similar could do either as they don’t have a lot of impact or side-to-side motion.

    Also remember that shoes are build to provide support for 500 miles. REPLACE THEM after that, your feet and legs will thank you for it. Nothing is as demotivating as exercise *causing* pain!


  6. […] (at 20% off!).  I asked the guy at City Sports what to get.  Thanks to everyone for their advice!  And I went to the gym last night and asked for help so that I could do some basic exercises […]


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