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Vote for me (please)! February 18, 2009

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Just a little bit of self promotion here.  (We’ll get back to posts with actual content soon!)

I am participating in Free Money Finance March Madness.  The personal finance blog Free Money Finance is running a competition where pf bloggers submit a post they’re proud of to go “head-to-head” against another person’s post.  My post, How Often Should I Contribute to my Roth IRA? is competing against Chops Money‘s post, What’s Wrong with Used Goods?.  I actually think Chops’s post is pretty insightful, so I won’t be hurt if you vote for his post instead.  But here’s what you’ve got to do.  Go to this post and comment there with the keyword related to the post you think is better.  So, for our competition, either type Roth (for me) or Wrong (for Chops).

Oh, and if you’ve found this site from following the Free Money Finance link, take a look around!  Let me know what you think of my blog!  And thanks for dropping by!

And of course, thanks to all my usual readers!  I really appreciate your comments and input!


2 Responses to “Vote for me (please)!”

  1. shtinkykat Says:

    I voted for your post since I know I read it! 😀


  2. […] thanks to everyone last time for voting for me for the Free Money Finance March Madness!  I won that last round!  And guess […]


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