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I joined Twitter March 2, 2009

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Yep.  I’m a bit ashamed.  I got roped into yet another social networking type site.

If you’d like to follow me, you can check out my profile at StephTheBlogger.  I’m thinking the name sounds either uncreative or boasting:  Hey look at me, I’m THE blogger named Steph!

We’ll see how this experiment goes.  I might get addicted to it, or frustrated with it.

But feel free to add me, or send me your username so I can “follow” you!


2 Responses to “I joined Twitter”

  1. […] I think that I feel I have to defend my joining Twitter…only because I had heard about it a few years ago, but only just joined it after the […]


  2. maria03 Says:

    I followed you! I’m @WriterGig on Twitter.


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