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Fiddling with financial websites April 28, 2009

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I was talking on the phone the other day with my mom, and she mentioned that she heard them talking about Mint on NPR that morning.  There’s a link from that piece to a post noting many different money management websites.  My mom joked, “I wonder if they visited your blog when doing research for the piece!”  My mom’s awesome.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before that I use a bunch of different ways of tracking my money (and lack thereof!)  Recently, I’ve noticed that my ING Direct accounts are not updating properly in Mint.  This is in addition to the past 7 months of my ING accounts not getting updated on Bank of America‘s My Portfolio.  I started complaining into the abyss on twitter, and then figured I’d complain @INGDirect.  They told me to email them, so I sent them my complaint.  Here’s their response:

Hello Stephanie,

I understand that you recently had an issue trying to connect to our website using and bank of America’s portfolio service. This service is commonly referred to as an account aggregator.  While this service may have worked in the past, most users are finding that their aggregator does not work with our New Sign In Process.

The security of your information is very important to us.  Once your personal information leaves ING DIRECT, we have no control over your information or how it is used by third parties.  Because we have no way of monitoring how account aggregators address security, privacy or the use of cookies we are unable to support the use of these services.

To best protect your personal information and your funds, we recommend that you do not share your personal information (including your Customer Number and PIN) with any third party.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!

Member FDIC
Equal Housing Lender

So, from the looks of it, there isn’t anything I can do.  I’ve tried re-entering all my passwords, but to no avail.  The odd part is that my boyfriend isn’t having any problems with the data import.  I just want to fix it!

Are you having trouble with any of your financial aggregators?


2 Responses to “Fiddling with financial websites”

  1. savings Says:

    my ing accounts seem to have problems signing in a lot… but they’re always updated with the correct amount. hmm.


  2. Manifest Says:

    Thanks for sharing dude


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