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An Interview with Melissa Williams, founder of CA Wellness Walk February 21, 2010

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If you’ve been following me on twitter, or you read my post about personal trainers, then you might have heard about CA Wellness Walk.  My very good friend, Melissa Williams, is the founder of this program.  I’m really proud of what she’s accomplished so far, and super excited to see what she’s going to achieve in the future.  So, I want to share some information about what she’s up to.

There are a few different aspects to her program.

The walking portion of the program involves Melissa (and her mother) walking 750 miles up the coast of California. Others are joining them along the way.

The education portion is also extremely important.  Along the 750 mile route, she conducts workshops at local schools where she helps reinforce healthy habits in the context of diabetes prevention.

I also had a quick interview with Melissa just to get some extra information out of her:

Stephanie:  What gave you the original idea for CA Wellness Walk?

Melissa:  It was the result of a bunch of different things coming together.  A diabetes project at work showed me how awful the disease was.  And at the same time, I was itching to do something different and get healthier myself.

Stephanie:  What are the results that you’ve seen, both in yourself and in others, since starting this project (including the kids you talk to…are you confident they’ll change their habits)?

Melissa:  It’s been SO good, so much better than expected.  The teachers have been getting such great feedback.  (check out this update for a sample of the feedback she’s heard).  And I’ve personally lost 15 pounds, which is always exciting.

Stephanie:  How can people get involved?

Melissa:  The three ways to be involved right now are by following the blog, online donations (every tiny bit counts!), and by sending supportive notes.  The notes are totally cheesy, but it would be great to hear from people either by email, ( or snail mail (PO Box 520 Lotus CA 95651).

Of course, you can always spread the word about the program, or do your part by promoting (and following) the healthy lifestyle that will help you and others prevent diabetes.


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