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Christmas Car Commercials, I hate you December 6, 2010

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Well, the holiday season is here.  And with that comes lots of car commercials where one spouse surprises the other with a brand new luxury car, with a big red bow on top.  And guess what?  I HATE THOSE COMMERCIALS!

I suppose part of this is from my personal finance views.  Would you really surprise someone with a car?  I mean, that would be quite the surprise.  But that would also surprise me when I looked at my bank account and discovered $50k+ missing, or saw a new car loan in the mail.  It tends to be the more expensive, luxury cars or sports cars, too.  You wouldn’t surprise the love of your life with a Honda Fit, would you?  A large expense like that is something you plan, discuss, and make sure you can afford.

I started writing this post a while back, but I’m currently watching the Patriots/Jets game, and it seems like every other ad is a car ad, with most of them being the Lexus ads, all complete with red bows.  I’ll admit, the idea for the ads (that they need more giftwrap, or a bigger chimney, stocking, or tree) is a little cute.  But still…I don’t like the whole message:  give your love a ridiculously expensive car.

My boyfriend knows I hate these commercials.  I got a text from him the other day:  “Saw an ad for a car with a giant bow on top while I was watching the morning news.  Made me think of your infinite rage.”

I guess I just think cars are a weird and expensive thing to surprise someone with.  How easy is it to return it?  Exchange it for a different color or size?  I’d rather get a nice sweater.

I do have a few exceptions to my hated car commercial list:

From a few years ago, a Mastercard commercial promoting a giveaway they were hosting.  The commercial is mocking the traditional Christmas Car Commercials:



I also really like Pomplamoose’s music/videos, and so, even though it seems like they sold out a bit, I like their Hyundai ads:



How do you feel about these ads?  What Christmas (or general holiday ads) do you hate?  One from last year that I both hate and love is the one that lumps all the December holidays together

Do you have better ideas for surprising your loved ones this holiday season?


6 Responses to “Christmas Car Commercials, I hate you”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    Thanks for sharing the Mastercard video–funny stuff.


  2. Kendall Says:

    Yeah, I hate those car commercials, too. Because if anyone in a family bought a car, it would supposedly be an agreement. You wouldn’t just go out and buy something like a car without discussing it first … or if you did, it would imply that one member of the family has a complete monopoly on the finances which is also not ok in my book. That’s either someone way to controlling or someone else way too lazy! 😉


  3. Eric Says:

    Amen to that. I do know someone who bought sports car (not a cheap one) for their spouse’s birthday, and I remember thinking “Isn’t there a better place that money could be going in these times?” Perhaps working to increase the value of their home instead of investing in a fancy car that drops in value the second you drive it off the lot.


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  5. Kristin Says:

    Starting to see these again already and thought of you… It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!


  6. Stelth Says:

    I HATE Christmas car commercials with a passion. They make me want to run amok with a giant pair of scissors at the nearest Lexus showroom.


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