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Stylish Blogger Award! February 12, 2011

Filed under: Boston,General Blogging — Stephanie @ 6:33 pm

Well, look at that.  Postgrad Agenda nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award! I wouldn’t consider myself the most stylish person around.  But I think this award (which has been floating around the blogosphere for years, I think) is to recognize other bloggers and spread the word about new bloggers. I’m supposed to post 7 facts about myself, then nominate some other bloggers.


1.  I took French in middle and high school.  I learned “Canadian” French because I lived so close to Canada.

2.  Even though I grew up living near a lot of good ski areas, I never went downhill skiing until a few years ago, because my boyfriend has skied all his life and encouraged me to join him.

3.  My height and feet don’t match.  I’m only 5’2″ but I wear size 8.5 or 9 shoes.

4.  Between high school and college, I’ve learned 4 programming/computer languages:  Visual Basic, C++, Java, and Mathematica (I think it counts as a language).  But I wouldn’t be a good programmer unless I went back and studied the language.  And even then, I’d probably only be good at “Hello World” level work.  But I wish I had kept up with it.

5.  I still have clothes in my closet that I wore during high school, possibly even during middle school.  They probably don’t fit very well, but I’m just really bad at getting rid of stuff.  If only What Not To Wear could come and make me get rid of the unflattering stuff.  Or, even just a friend with fashion sense and a strict “GET RID OF IT OR ELSE” policy.

6.  I feel bad when I don’t post a new blog post.  But I never know what to write about, and as a recovering perfectionist, I want every post to be just right before I post it…

7.  I love it when I find out friends are learning more about personal finance.  It makes me happy knowing that they’re taking control of their finances.  It’s especially fun because I now have friends telling me when they open a Roth IRA or that they’ve paid off a loan or something.  It’s fun to share in other people’s personal finance journey!

Well, that’s 7 facts.  Now who to nominate?  It’s tricky, because, as you can see from my blogroll, I like a lot of people’s blogs.  And I’m guessing a lot of people who follow here are personal finance bloggers, so you probably already know about most of them.  So I’m going to nominate some other people.

Elizabeth at On Tap for Today.  Love her blogging style.  And she lives in Boston!  With an awesome dog!

The Financialite.  She’s new to the blogosphere, but I like her posts.  Another Bostonian!

Aayesha at Flutter By.  She posts inspirational quotes, amusing anecdotes, and amazing pictures.  A third Boston-dweller!

Yes, I’m biased towards Bostonians.  I love it here 🙂  Even if it’s pretty much a snow village this time of year.


3 Responses to “Stylish Blogger Award!”

  1. Eric Says:

    Well you are pretty stylish- just look at that header background up there! That’s America’s Next Top Mod.. I mean Blog material.

    As for the list:

    #3. Whoa.
    #5. I still wear pretty old clothes too, but I think guys clothes stay in style forever.
    #7. Ditto. I totally know that feeling, though I find it difficult to get most people to CARE about their finances. I get a lot of… what? You’re saving for retirement??

    …but I know who’ll have the last laugh! =P


  2. congratulations! I got nominated today myself. 7 things forthcoming.


  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks, Stephanie! I really appreciate the shout out. 🙂 I speak French, but which I spoke computer (i.e. programming). And I, too, need Stacy and Clinton to come over and throw out most of my clothing. Hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday!


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