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Happy National Engineers Week! February 23, 2011

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It’s National Engineers Week!  Hooray!

I’m always psyched about National Engineers Week.  And it’s not just because my company makes a big deal about it, giving us free coffee every morning and the occasional slice of cake throughout the week.

I’m excited for a lot of reasons.  It’s great to be recognized for our (the engineers) contributions.  Engineers do a lot for us.  As the t-shirt I won in a raffle at the company’s library says:  Science:  Engineers Make It Work.

One thing I’m really excited about is the outreach to students and the community that is an integral part of National Engineers Week.    There are some official events through eweek, but my company is also doing a lot of work to help get young people excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  One of the great things we do in our department is invite students on lab tours and show them how cool science is!  And I like that, even outside of eweek, my supervisor encourages me and others to do community outreach.  I’ve gotten to help run bridge building contests, work with local teachers developing a new STEM education programs, talk to high school girls about engineering, and present cool nanotechnology to visitors at the Boston Museum of Science during NanoDays.

I believe it’s really important to get young people interested in STEM.  And apparently, President Barack Obama does, too.  I’m pretty sure every year, the U.S. President writes a letter to the engineers, and this year was no exception.  This year he wrote a letter encouraging current engineers to spark excitement in young people about engineering.

So, are you doing anything fun for National Engineers Week?  Are you an Engineer?  What type are you?  I’m a Materials Scientist and Engineer (it’s the engineering major with science as its middle name!)


5 Responses to “Happy National Engineers Week!”

  1. Eric Says:

    Wow, coffee and cake! That’s the high life right there. =)

    It is pretty awesome that you guys are recognized for your genius and/or contributions to society. It is well-deserved; you engineers are an important part of this country’s progress!

    I’m no engineer, and I was not aware there was a week dedicated to them until you educated me. Keep up the good work! And please use your working knowledge of chemistry and that empty space in your apartment to engineer a cheap and renewable fuel so I don’t have to pay these ridiculous gas prices. =) kthxbye.

    P.S. Happy National Engineers Week!


  2. I don’t think National Engineers Week extends across the border, but I like the idea. I’m not an engineer (I have taken some engineering classes though) and I work for/with engineers. I think I’ll suggest a similar week of celebration and see if I can’t get some cake and coffee out of it 😉


  3. Annelise Says:

    I am totally late to this party, but yay engineers! I studied materials science and engineering as well and even though I don’t really practice anymore, the math foundation is important still to my work. I wish more students would get into engineering. It’s not as scary as it looks and you can make such cool things!


  4. I know of at least 4 more personal finance bloggers that are engineers. What is it about finance that makes analytical people flock to it? I’m just saying because while I’m not an engineer, I do have a B.S.


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