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Calling All Personal Finance bloggers! Let’s get ready for Take Control of Your Finances Day! April 7, 2011

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I’ve mentioned this a few times on twitter, but I also wanted to get the word out on my blog as well.  Some of you may remember last year, when I decided to declare the weekend following tax day Take Control of Your Finances Day.  Well, this year, Tax Day isn’t actually on the 15th (so as not to conflict with Washington D.C.’s observation of Emancipation Day).  Instead, we get a few extra days, with April 18th being the new deadline.  But since you’ve hopefully taken care of everything by the 15th anyway I’ve declared April 16th (and 17th) of this year Take Control of Your Finances Day.  Technically, it’s a weekend, not a day, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  As an added bonus, April is National Financial Literacy Month.

The goal for the weekend?  Take some time after you’ve filed your taxes to figure out where you are financially, and where you’d like to be.  Try to learn something new about personal finance.  Make a commitment towards your goals.

I’d love it if my fellow personal finance bloggers shared either an old post or wrote a new post about how they’ve taken control of their finances.  Share your advice!  Send me links to your old posts, and I’ll edit this post to include them.  And if you have a new post, I’ll compile a list on April 15th/16th/17th in a new post.

I’d like to think my post from last year is a good start.  But I’ve got a lot of other resources I’d like to share.

To everyone hoping to take control of their finances, I’ve got some new website and book recommendations off the top.


Try out this Financial Tuneup checklist from the New York Times.  It gives you individual tasks to tackle.

You can also get Financial to do lists geared towards your own financial situation through LearnVest (which I’ve tried and enjoyed).

Books (get them at the library!):

I recently read Kimberly Palmer’s Generation Earn and found it a very useful guide for setting goals and figuring out how to reach them.

And I’m partway through Beth Kobliner’s Get A Financial Life, and so far, it’s the kind of book I would want to buy, then highlight, make notes, and bookmark to remind myself of all the important information.  And right on her website, you can check out her advice on how to get your financial life in order.

Blog posts:

Empty for now…until you submit your posts!  Email them to me!  Or leave them in the comments below.

Well, I’m really excited for next weekend (the 16th and 17th).  I’m going to sit down with my tax forms, pay-stubs, benefits elections, and my account (to easily review my spending and retirement investments), and try to figure out what I’m doing right, what I should change, what my goals are, and how I’m going to reach those goals.

What are your plans for Take Control of Your Finances Day?


2 Responses to “Calling All Personal Finance bloggers! Let’s get ready for Take Control of Your Finances Day!”

  1. Eric Says:

    These are some awesome resources! I have to check them out. I, for one, will definitely be observing this important holiday!


  2. […] think this is perfectly timed for Take Control of Your Finances Day (hosted by Steph at Graduated Learning), so I don’t mind having to re-write it and post it […]


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