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It’s Take Control of Your Finances Day! April 17, 2011

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Well, the weekend is finally here.  And that means that it’s Take Control of Your Finances Day! (or weekend) And I don’t think it could come at a better time!

Walking around the office Friday, I heard multiple people say that they still haven’t filed their taxes.  It made me so anxious!  Many used the excuse that they were going to owe money, so they were holding off until the last minute on purpose.  But still.  Some people hadn’t even started!

But I digress.  I’m pretty excited about this weekend.  I’ve been getting some good resources, blog posts, etc. from fellow personal finance people.

First off, it’s important to improve your Financial Literacy.  Good thing this month is Financial Literacy Month!  They’ve got a great list of 30 steps on your path to financial literacy.  They have a great list of resources, including lots of free worksheets to help you figure out your financial priorities and goals.  (Special thanks to Kim @moneymanagement for sharing these links!)

I also think you should check out the resources I shared last year and last week.  They include books you should check out and websites and checklists to use to organize your finances.

And you should also check out Jenn’s post from Paying Myself about setting a personal finance goal:  Fully funding her Emergency fund.

So, what have you done to Take Control of Your Finances?  Anyone else have some good advice for what to do?


One Response to “It’s Take Control of Your Finances Day!”

  1. CityFlips Says:

    Not sure I have any advice, but today I balanced my check book. Er…uh…rather I tallied up what’s left over in my budget and made sure it matched what’s left in the bank accounts! I rarely use a credit card anymore, so it’s usually spot on. It makes me feel better to double check though!


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