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Update on the Housing Situation July 19, 2011

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Well, a few days ago, I posted about how it was nearing the time I needed to make a definite decision on where to live.  Do I stay for a sixth (!!!) year at the place I’ve rented since I graduated from college, or do I move out with my boyfriend to a place for just the two of us?

We checked out a place the other day, which, while nice, is really small.  A lot smaller than our current place (of course it would be, for only two people) but in addition to being smaller, it would cost us twice as much to live there.  So, that experience got me all grumpy about this whole moving idea.

What are the pros to moving out?

-Our current place is nice, but it’s drafty (and expensive to heat) in the wintertime (though installing a programmable thermostat and putting that plastic window sealant on the windows helped reduce our heating costs)

-With our 4th roommate moving out to go to grad school (have a blast and get straight A’s!), we’d be down to three in the apartment.  We could try posting to/looking on craigslist, but it’s a tedious, stressful process.  It’s really hard to find a good match.

-The boyfriend and I moved into our current place when we were just friends.  And it was right after college.  Now, we’re in a serious relationship, and we’ve been out of college for a while.  So, do we need to move on from our “recent graduate” digs?  Is living with roommates just for younguns?  And should we be taking the next big step in our relationship and live like a couple by ourselves, instead of like roommates?  Is it time to grow up? And will moving out/moving to a new place together force us to grow up?

-The longer we stay, the more junk we’re going to end up accumulating; it’ll be even more painful to move out next year.

And why do we want to stay?

+Our place has lots of the things we want:  really spacious, good kitchen (spacious + dishwasher!), in-apartment laundry, great landlords, parking, plenty of storage space.

+The price is going to be hard to beat anywhere else, even if we split our current rent 3-ways (i.e. don’t worry about finding a 4th roommate).

+We’d only want to move to a place we like, that we’re happy with.  Space, amenities, price.

+We’re running out of time to find a new place.  And once we decide to stay, we can get started on figuring out where we’re going to live later. And get serious about this search this time around.

+Moving is going to be a hassle

At this point, I’m still searching PadMapper for some places to visit in the next few days.  But as the days pass, it seems less and less likely we’ll find something we’re happy with.  In the meantime, we’re also going to talk to our landlord and see if we could negotiate a month-to-month lease in case we decide to buy or move into a different apartment down the road.

I definitely saw a lot of comments on my last post saying that we should just stay here another year.  So, that’s another reason to stay, right?

Stay tuned.  I’ll update you again with our decisions.


2 Responses to “Update on the Housing Situation”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Have you considered actually working with an apartment rental broker? I know you’d rather not spend the cash, but if you’re not finding suitable spaces by using publicly searchable postings (like Craigslist and other aggregators), it might be worth it to find a space you really like. Not that I’ve done it, but it seems like what you’re looking for and what is being posted for you to see aren’t matching up that well.


  2. Wardegus Says:

    I’m a big advocate for always moving. I have a fairly insatiable wanderlust but it sounds like your place has too many pros to move on such a relatively short notice. If you’re not looking to get out of the BOS area right away I’d stick it out another year and make it a prolonged search.


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