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The Hassles of Moving: Packing August 20, 2011

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I don’t know how you do it.  How you move from place to place all the time.  Or maybe that’s my problem.  I haven’t moved since we moved in after college.  Five years of accumulating junk and good stuff.  Packing time means sorting through the junk to find the good stuff.  I’d like to have a more minimalist lifestyle, but I don’t know how to part with all this “stuff”.   Kitchen supplies, clothes.  Paperwork that should probably be shredded or tossed.

I know it’s just “stuff”.  That what really matters are the people you love and the experiences you share with them.  But that doesn’t eliminate cake pans and woks, or pajamas and dress pants.

I think I’m stuck right now.  We’re moving all the “big stuff” (furniture like couches, beds, dressers, and bookshelves) tomorrow, and we’ll try to move as much “small stuff” (clothes, dishes, books, etc.) as well.  Luckily we’ve still got our “old” apartment until the end of the month, and our new place is only 2 miles away.  So if worst comes to worst, we can finish up moving things (and then give the old place a good cleaning) in the next week and a half.

It’s possible that knowing I don’t have to get EVERYTHING out ASAP is making me a little more lazy when it comes to packing everything up.  That and the 2-mile move.  And the fact that I’m fighting a cold that keeps knocking me out.

I’m dreading this move (it’s a lot of stuff!), but I’m also looking forward to it.  I can’t wait to get settled in to our new place.  Just the two of us.  It will take some time to get everything in order (and maybe once we finish unpacking, we’ll realize we can get rid of more junk that we initially thought was good stuff).

My hope is that, with the new place, I can get a fresh start on organizing and decluttering.  I’ll make sure that we don’t have anything lying around that we don’t have a need for.  But it will take time.

I’m going to try to spend the next few hours taking care of as much as I can.  But then I’ll set my alarm and go to bed, so I can get up nice and early to pick up our UHaul and some donuts for our helpful friends.


One Response to “The Hassles of Moving: Packing”

  1. MommaStar Says:

    Sometimes I get this crazy urge to just toss everything out. I hate clutter I hate the fact that I sometimes have more then one purse (do I really need a purse for every outfit?) but then there’s the times where I need to have everything. My husband calls it the bi-polar of stuffitis. It’s vicious cycle I tell yah.. tossing then regretting so off I go re-buying. ugh….


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