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FlyLady: Keeping Me Sane September 5, 2011

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If you follow me on twitter, then you may have seen me mention “setting my timer” or using the hashtag #flylady.  I’m trying to create new habits using FlyLady’s methods.

I first heard about FlyLady from my aunt, who sent me a timer from FlyLady’s store that has the message on it “You can do anything for 15 minutes!”.  That same year, my aunt also bought FlyLady’s book, “Sink Reflections“, for my older sister.  I’ll admit, I was keen to try a new technique, so I checked out the website.  I tried to get started on her “baby steps“.  I even started following a new blog, Life With FlyLady, [which has since been deleted 😦 ]  which chronicled one woman’s attempts at following FlyLady’s advice.  But I burned out on it pretty quickly from trying to do too much at once.

My older sister, having read the book, was a convert.  She told me how much it was helping her.  So, the next time I saw her, she gave me the book to read.  I finished reading it, and even before I finished, I was already starting to take the “baby steps”.  I’ll acknowledge right now:  this book/way of thinking/style isn’t for everyone.  But personally, the techniques, which include doing a task for 15 minutes (as a way to keep focused and avoid burning out on cleaning), and keeping your sink shining (seeing my clean sink makes me want to work more on the kitchen and beyond) are really helpful starting points.  It’s all about just taking a few minutes of maintaining the clean, instead of waiting until your house is a disaster and then doing a crazy clean.

At this point, I’m signed up for her daily emails (super helpful as reminders on what to do each day).  And I’m trying to do some of her 27-fling boogie (quick decluttering: collecting things to throw away or donate) and we’re trying to run the laundry daily (as she says, A Load A Day Keeps the CHAOS Away–where CHAOS stands for Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome!)

Still working on those baby steps.  But I’m trying to develop lasting habits that will help keep our new place beautiful.  And I think in the process of keeping everything manageable, I can start stressing less about the apartment and find more time to relax!  The less clutter in our apartment, the better both of us feel 🙂

Do you have techniques to keep your place clean and organized?  Have any of you tried FlyLady’s techniques?  Or are you just one of those “Born Organized” types who never have a problem with clutter?

P.S. I’m just telling you about a technique that is helping me.  I’m not being compensated for this post AT ALL.  Just wanted to assure you all of that!


One Response to “FlyLady: Keeping Me Sane”

  1. Tomato Jones Says:

    I want to let you know about our new Flying Facebook group:

    It is a closed group so your activity within the group is not visible to your other friends.

    Share what you’re doing. This is a great place to post what you’re accomplishing during the day. You may even find a bit of encouragement as you go along. It’s like a to do list with a cheering section!

    We also have another group called Chit Chat About This and That. You are all welcome to join there as well.


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