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What’s the opposite of a no-spend weekend? October 23, 2011

Filed under: Boston,Personal Finance — Stephanie @ 5:06 pm

I think you could call this weekend a spendy weekend.  I tend not to go shopping to often, so when I do, things get a little crazy.  I already knew ahead of time that I was going to go shopping.  So, let’s review my weekend travels and see where the I made my wallet cry.


Library:  Always a good, free, way to start the weekend.  Went to pick up the copy of Shortchanged:  Why women have less wealth and what can be done about it I reserved.  I’m planning on participating in Deena Dollar’s PF Blogger Book Club!  I don’t have too much time to read it, but I’ll try to get through it as far as I can.

Kohls:  They know me too well.  Hey Steph, you haven’t shopped here in a while.  Want a 30% coupon on a weekend where we’re also having epic sales?  Here you go.  Come by.  So yep, I spent a few hours there trying on bras (whoops, sorry, TMI?) because I haven’t done that in ages.  Total Damage:  7 bras, $120 (yeah, I dunno, I got carried away, that’s a lot of bras, maybe I’ll return a few?)

Target:  Next up, my other shopping nemesis, Target.  Hey Steph, you need all these random things for your house, don’t you?  And these cute clothes?  But I had a gift card from a friend and we did actually need a few things.  So, I bought a few kitchen gadgets we needed (meat thermometer, turkey baster, etc.) and a few random kitchen things that were on the clearance shelf (Damn You Clearance Shelf!), but also saw a cute sweater on sale for $15 (check it out in red)  Total damage:  An extra $5.62 over the gift card amount.  So $55.62 total spent at Target.

The rest of the day I managed to stay home and avoid any more shopping.  But I had more plans for Sunday:

Church:  A nice place to regain my sanity and then follow it up with coffee and donuts (Dunkin Donuts brought back their pumpkin spice donuts for the fall!) with some friends, including an adorable 2-year old 🙂

The Mall!
Apple Store:  I saw a line formed outside the store, which worried me.  But it turns out that was for the new iPhone.  If you were getting anything else, you could walk right in.  Though when I walked in, it mostly looked like chaos in there.  I didn’t know how to buy something.  There are no cash registers!  But I caught the attention of a “Genius” and told him I just want to buy an iPod.  Cool part was, they’d give me a 10% discount if I traded in my old (dead) iPod.  Better discount that I could get through my employer!  Also, did you know that they do the whole transaction on souped-up iPhones?  Hence the lack of cash registers.  It was pretty neat.  Total damage for my pretty new blue iPod nano (with discounts but also tax):  $142.47

H&M:  I always stop in that store.  I know I can find cheap (okay, both in price and in quality) items there.  I was specifically looking for a new belt, since that’s where I bought belts in the past.  But all the belts were ridiculous (what was I expecting), but then I got distracted by some simple elastic headbands.  Total Damage:  5 headbands, $8.39

LOFT:  Last store!  I had gotten a coupon for $15 off any purchase for any time during my birthday month.  Since October was drawing to a close, I figured I might as well take advantage of it (yes, I realize they do this to get you in the store).  I took forever looking for something and I settled on this top (in “Passion Red)  With the coupon and sales going on, I only paid another $5.  Though, I just noticed that there were two price tags on my shirt for some reason, so I was undercharged…(do I go back?  call? your thoughts, please!).  So total cost to me:  $5, though it might actually be $12 if I go back and tell them they undercharged me by $7.

That’s it.  Done with my spending.  I don’t plan on buying stuff for a while.  The key is to stay out of stores!  And ignore sales.  But I’m not good at staying out of stores when they alert me to those sales.

So, a spendy weekend.  With a few free activities thrown in.  And by the way, I’m already loving my new iPod.  So glad I bought it. 🙂

So, how did you fare this weekend?  Any big purchases?  Or are you doing well at keeping up with your no-spend goals?  Do you hate when I do these shopping recaps?  Do I ask too many questions?  And would you drive back to the mall to pay $7?


3 Responses to “What’s the opposite of a no-spend weekend?”

  1. My problem with “no spending” is having babies and making small purchases that add up – things always seem like more of a need when it’s for them! And I have Amazon prime, so free shipping and mostly free returns=me spending waaaay too much too often!

    I wouldn’t go back – if you had noticed while you were there, it might have been worth it, but the store accounts for things like that and it wasn’t your fault. In two weeks it’ll be marked down any way. 😛


  2. Haha, I just got lured into a store thanks to their $10 gift card for my birthday month, and I found something I loved that cost $35. So the store’s plan worked; I used the $10 gift card and spent $25 out of pocket. Success for them! And as for me …. well, I don’t mind. I’d rather buy something I like than something that’s cheap but that I’ll never use.


  3. Michelle Says:

    Haha you don’t ask too many questions! And I hardly ever have no spend days. Something always comes up.


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