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No-Spend November: Week 2 Recap November 15, 2011

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So, week 2 of No-Spend November.  I haven’t given up just yet!

Tuesday Nov 8:  Went to a 401(k) presentation sponsored by the young-employee network at work during lunch…and lunch was provided!  I think I already knew most of the stuff they talked about, but it’s always good to get a refresher on retirement investments!

Wednesday Nov 9:  Brought my lunch.  But then on the way home from the gym that night I filled up my car tires (for free) but didn’t have a tire gauge to confirm my tires weren’t overfilled (which I did discover they were, had to let them out quite a bit), so I bought a tire gauge and some valve caps to replace ones that had fallen off.  $4.55

Thursday Nov 10:  Stayed home sick again, so I didn’t need to pack or buy a lunch.  No spend!

Friday Nov 11:  Brought my lunch.  Went out with some friends from work for drinks/dinner.  Beer, burger, fries (plus tax and tip):  $15.55

Saturday Nov 12:  Wanted to use up the $20 in Kohls cash that was expiring.  Bought these shoes (in brown).  With the sale, the Kohls cash, and a coupon, I paid an extra $3.79.  (and when I got home, I put TWO pairs of old shoes in the donate pile!)  Then went to the grocery store so I could buy yogurt for the banana bread recipe I wanted to make.  Saw English Muffins buy 1 get 2 free, so I let the deal seeker part of me win out. $6.58

Went out for dinner at Tu Y Yo (SO DELICIOUS!) with another couple.  Boyfriend paid for our half of the meal (it was his turn to pay, we trade off who pays).

Sun Nov 13:  Went to church.  Intended to put some money in the collection plate, but I didn’t have any cash on me, so I gave a measly 60 cents.

Mon Nov 14:  Brought leftovers to work.  So, no-spend!

So, this past week, I spent a total of $31.07.  (check my math?)  Not too bad.  I’m realizing that this No Spend plan is really more of me training myself to bring my lunch and think twice about purchases.


2 Responses to “No-Spend November: Week 2 Recap”

  1. Michelle Says:

    You’re doing good!


  2. Clint Rowley Says:

    I think it’s good to keep track of all you spend. We break down our rent and all of our other expenditures and like you said it helps train us to be more careful in how we spend.


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