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Christmas Car Commercials, I Hate You: 2011 Redux December 2, 2011

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You remember when I posted about my hatred of Christmas car commercials?  Well guess what.  I still hate them.

Again, it’s the Lexus ads driving me nuts.  This year, all the gift giving occasions revolve around recognizing the somehow universally known “Lexus song”.  You know, because when you hear that song, you know your significant other dropped a minimum of $34k to surprise you.  Was it on your Amazon wish list or something?

I did a little research, and it turns out that “Lexus Song” is actually called “Family & Friends“, written by Steve Kujala, a prolific composer and flautist.  I actually listened to the whole piece.  Luckily, listening to the actual piece doesn’t fill me with infinite range.

So, back to the commercials.  The couples are together, and then they hear the song, played by some clever means, like in a music box, as a ringtone, or the Muzak playing in the elevator.  I will admit, as a video game fan, I was least annoyed by the one where they programmed the song in Guitar Hero.  But still.  You don’t buy cars for people.

Unless, of course, you’re a millionaire:

Like last year, I was able to make an exception for commercials that amuse me and make fun of other ads. 🙂

So, what commercials are making you angry this holiday season?


3 Responses to “Christmas Car Commercials, I Hate You: 2011 Redux”

  1. Penny Says:

    Kohl’s Black Friday commercial (parodying Rebecca Black’s song Friday) made me really annoyed. A song you know gets stuck in peoples heads and that they don’t like? And you’re not even going to be creative about it? (One line was actually “something that rhymes with “Friday””.) Thankfully I only had to put up with that one for about a week.


  2. Haha, the Lexus commercials are driving me crazy too! The only commercialed TV I watch anymore is college basketball and they’re repeating the Lexus ones so often! We had friends over the other night to watch a game and were all making fun of that series. How exactly were we supposed to know that Lexus has a theme song??


  3. Revanche Says:

    All of them, actually. We get a range of REALLY bad ones here for local businesses that are oh-so-terrible and that’s about half of them. Then the others are professional slick, but they don’t even necessarily make sense or connect the theme of the commercial to what they’re selling. I’m very much tired of commercials.


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