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Holiday Spending March 12, 2012

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I know.  When you think of holiday spending, you think of the ridiculous amount of money people plunk down for Christmas (and Hannukah) presents.  Followed closely by Valentine’s.  Debt Ninja had a guest post from Jenna at Adaptu about it.

And I’m not immune from holiday spending.  Heck, I splurged on the Xbox holiday bundle for my boyfriend (which is a bit of a boomerang gift…I wanted it, too!)  I’m a big fan of giving gifts, as long as I have a good idea of what to give!

But the other thing that stands out for me is holiday apparel.

What?  Is that a thing?  Yes.

Take, for example, a holiday party I attended last year.  Festive apparel and costumes were encouraged.  So, I wore things like this:

Holly socks in bright red shoes

A jingle-bell ring I picked up at Davis Squared

And the obligatory green on red (green short-sleeve sweater over a red long-sleeve sweater)

There’s something about dressing for the holiday that makes me feel extra festive!


I’ve got Halloween pajama pants and two different pairs of socks (don’t worry, I don’t wear the pajamas in public!)

Red heart earrings for Valentine’s Day

And most recently, on a trip to A.C. Moore for sewing supplies, I caved and bought myself some St. Patrick’s Day socks for $1.  Big spender!

Whether  it’s obvious (like the earrings or ring) or more secret (like the socks), I really love dressing up in holiday colors and designs.  Since it’s usually frowned upon to wear Halloween costumes to the office, wearing fun socks is my own way of secret celebration.  So every once in a while, I’ll pick up a new pair of holiday socks.

How do you celebrate holidays?  Do you buy lots of stuff at the party store every year?  Or have a collection of holiday decorations and swag you pull out every year?

Do you have a stash of holiday socks like I do?  Wear all green on St. Patrick’s Day, orange and black on Halloween, and red on Valentine’s Day?  Because I do! 😀


12 Responses to “Holiday Spending”

  1. I don’t buy holiday specific clothes… in fact, I don’t even dress in holiday colors (with the exception of 4th of July, I try to do a red, white & blue combo, but that’s because I have those colors in my wardrobe already). I do have some wacky socks, not because of holidays, but because it’s the one area where you can go a little wild if you want. Case in point, I have a pair of toe socks with furry bits around toes and a smiley lion face on the front.


    • Stephanie Says:

      I’m usually decked out in red, white, and blue for the 4th of July, too. I have red sneakers, and socks that say USA on them!

      It is fun to be that little bit of “wild” with fun socks, isn’t it?


  2. Kristin Says:

    My mom keeps buying me Christmas socks that are toe-socks and fuzzy. But I can only wear so many toe-socks over the Christmas season – you can only wear them around the house because they don’t go in shoes so well. And they don’t have a heel built into them for some reason. I like snowflake stuff that I can wear all winter, but stuff that I can only wear one day of the year kind of annoys me – I feel like it takes up space when I don’t have a lot of storage room. And maybe I’m a party-pooper, but I don’t really like all the themed decorations so much, they remind me of grade school. I will wear solid colors to celebrate a holiday, though, but they’re more versatile.


  3. Michelle Says:

    I don’t really have any holiday clothes. I just try and wear colors that I already have. Hopefully it stays warm on Saturday here because all I have is a green dress!


    • Stephanie Says:

      I tend not to buy too much extra stuff, just socks 😛 and maybe earrings. I do love finding the clothes in my wardrobe that will be the right colors for the holiday! Hope you had a good St. Pat’s in your green dress!


  4. Country Girl Says:

    I am all about holiday socks too. I am a little too excited to get out my socks with little rabbits on them for easter.


  5. I’m not so much about the holiday-themed clothes but I enjoy expressing the holidays in my home through kitchen hand towels! I love cycling through my stash – right now I have egg-themed towels hanging from my oven’s handles. I try not buy them for more than $5 – usually do-able!


  6. Nope, but I do buy clothes after the holidays to save money. Got some sweet candy pjs after Halloween last year.


    • Stephanie Says:

      There’s always such great deals after every holiday! Like I mentioned in my comment to Where’s Mom’s Money above, I’d like to pick up hand towels. I always see really cute stuff for the holidays at TJ Maxx…maybe I’ll finally take the plunge and pick some up 🙂


  7. I try to dress my kids and my house in holiday gear on Christmas and Halloween, but that’s about it!


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