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Hydration Domination August 5, 2012

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Sometimes I state the obvious on my blog.  Spend less than you earn.  Put money in savings.  Take a 401k match.  Well guess what?  I’ve got some more advice for you.


Yeah.  I want you to stay hydrated.  Can you handle that one for me?

I know you’ve heard this advice a lot.  I’ve heard it a lot, too.  Remember FlyLady?  June’s “Habit of the Month” was “Drink Your Water“.  Because it’s important.

There are plenty of reasons to drink water.  It’s a really good option for replacing otherwise empty calories (like soda and other sugary drinks), and is way cheaper, too!  And it helps you body clear out all the bad stuff.

It’s important to pay attention to signs of dehydration, especially during these hot months!  I tend to have a problem with dry skin, and I know I get cranky and a bit of a headache when I’m not drinking enough water.

I’m a big supporter of finding ways to get myself to drink more water (without going overboard, of course.  There is such a thing as too much water, where you basically dilute all your electrolytes.  But I haven’t gotten anywhere near that point).

I have a bunch of ways that I’ve added more water into my day.  A lot of these are by building the habit by connecting drinking water with other activities.  Whenever I come back to my desk after hitting the restrooms, I make sure to drink some water.  It’s a healthy vicious cycle!

I also have started pouring myself a glass of water when I’m preparing dinner.  Between all my movements and activities in the kitchen, and the heat coming from the stove or oven (or during the summer, coming from EVERYWHERE), I can get pretty thirsty!

I also like making drinking water more fun.  Recently, I’ve been buying one of my favorite summer fruits, peaches.  Which is great, until I discover that they’re getting a bit too ripe.  So I’ll clean them up, cut off the icky parts, and slice up the rest of the peach.  I toss the slices in a sealable container, and pop it in the freezer.  Then, when I fill up a glass of water, I add a slice of peach to my water.  It acts as an ice cube, while adding some flavor to my water.  Then I get the added bonus of a thawed, delicious peach slice at the bottom of my glass of water when I’m done!

If you want to make your water more fun, you can also try adding a bit of flavor with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.  Or you can get a Fruit Infusion Jug like the one my sister has been eyeing for a while.  She said she loved getting to use one at a recent trip to an upscale hotel.  (And actually, I picked it up on Amazon for her, and she’s loving it!)

Of course there are the tried and true techniques, like the one Cait (Blonde on a Budget) uses:  “I just keep my water bottle w/ me wherever I go. Drink at least 4-5 bottles a day, that way.”  Pretty good advice!  Keep a water bottle with you all day!

So, how do you stay hydrated?  Do you have a favorite water bottle you bring around everywhere?  Do you add flavors to it to keep it exciting?  Do you build it into a habit by linking it to other activities/actions?  Do you track your water consumption on sites like FitBit or Daily Feats?  I’d love to hear how you keep hydrated, whether it’s during your day-to-day activities or when you’re working out!


7 Responses to “Hydration Domination”

  1. Brian 4nash Says:

    Great and timely article! My sister bought me a stainless steel water bottle 3 years ago that I use every day. I like that I don’t have to worry about BPA (since it’s not plastic) and the bottle opening is big enough to throw in ice cubes or easily pour in a smoothie. I keep it on my desk at work, bring it to my classes at the gym, keep it in the cup-holder in the car, and slide it into the water bottle holster on my bike.

    Reminds me of a bottled water commercial from a couple years ago, “Make your body happy, drink more water!”.


  2. Julia Says:

    My friend has two kids, one who loves to drink juice or water, and the other who has to be reminded. I am the latter – I just don’t think about it. So I try to keep a water bottle on my desk at work (stainless steel, like Brian 4nash has) and another in my purse. My favorite way to drink water, though, is to use my Sodastream machine, and fill a glass with half sparkling water and half juice. But I’m going to try this fruit ice cube idea next, sounds delicious!


  3. Erin Says:

    I keep my water bottle with me at all times – normally try to shoot for drinking 80-90 ounces a day. I have a 45 minute commute to work, so I always shoot for drinking an entire bottle on my way there and on my way home.

    And when I’m home it’s easy to make water my go-to drink choice…I just don’t keep anything else in the house besides milk!!


  4. ugh I do not drink enough water and it’s horrible =\ I think my body hates me for it. Honestly I’ll have 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning and then NOTHING else to drink for the rest of the day. I think the only reason I’m not dying is because I eat a lot of fruit and veggies so I get what little water is in there, but I definitely need more!

    I like the fruit ice cube idea!


  5. SP Says:

    I don’t track my water, but i usually have my stainless steel water bottle with me at work, and I always have a glass of water near by at home. it can be almost impossible to finish a good run if you are dehydrated, and you really can’t just guzzle it right before you go out – you have to continually stay hydrated.

    I don’t do anything special to make it fun, but to me, there is almost nothing more delicious than cold cold water (without ice!)


  6. Allison Says:

    I sometimes struggle to drink enough water. It’s a little hard for me because I can’t have water in lab, so I have to make a trip out of lab to drink water. It helps to keep a water bottle just outside of lab, though, so I don’t have to go far to get it. It also helps me to take either a water bottle or some tea to seminars and journal clubs and stuff. At home I just try to refill my water glass every time I get up, and if it’s still full I gulp it down and fill it up again.

    I used to use lemon in my water to make it taste better, but I haven’t been doing that as much lately. Frozen fruit is a good idea too… *eyes ripe mango on counter*


  7. I love water. I drink a ton of it on it’s own, but I also drink herbal tea to get some extra into my day when I don’t want anymore plain water!!


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