Graduated Learning: Life after College

I got my degree, I got a job…now what?

6 Responses to “Saving Money, Helping Others: Opening an Account with AbleBanking”

  1. Erin Says:

    Seriously, if I’m ever in Boston can we meet up for lunch or something and talk finances? I’d love to hear how you’re a money hoarder….I like to shop. I need inspiration.


  2. This is great! What are your thoughts on needing a bank that has brick & mortar locations? I am thinking of scrapping Bank of America and going 100% online


    • Stephanie Says:

      I still have Bank of America. One of the barriers to change for me is simply laziness. My checking account is linked/connected with so many auto-debits/credits that I’d be afraid I’d miss one. That and I know that I can always find an ATM. But I think many online banks have decent ATM access if you know where to look.

      I know it can be done! (Thanks to Kendall below for her great insight on that, too)


      • I know! I slowly have started switching my debits from BOA to ING. I really like online checking from Charles Schwab. No atm fees ever when you get cash, Even in foreign countries! The only thing I can think of as an issue (other that Kendall’s situation) is if you need to get a bank check immediately (like if you want to rent an apt)…


  3. ey Steph. This is cool! And a pretty good rate at that!

    @Sarah Tenenbein I am 100% online. The only problem with this is you need to make sure you have a backup plan in case your wallet gets stolen. When I was in grad school, this happened to me and I was borrowing money from people (not fun) for a couple of weeks–until I got a new ATM card. One option is to have another credit card hidden in your sock drawer, or to have a few hundred stowed away in a brick & mortar bank. I chose the latter at first, but when the account went inactive, they started charging me a monthly fee, so I decided to close that


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