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My Maternity Leave, second time around September 15, 2018

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I wrote about what maternity leave was like for me last time. I had big plans, and then most of them didn’t happen.

Well, for some reason, I ignored how last maternity leave went and assumed I’d get a lot more done this time.


I had big plans this time around to sort through paperwork and get rid of lots of stuff. I figured I’d read a lot and bake a lot.

But my first month of maternity leave had me pretty much always in pain. I had to have a repeat c section due to regulations at my hospital, and recovery from my second c section was just so much slower than my first. I’m not sure if that’s typical, or maybe it’s because even though I tried to take it easy, it’s hard to when you also have a toddler running around.

Luckily we had family come out to help, and my husband had stored up a bunch of PTO so he was able to take off for the first 4 weeks to help me out.  This was way better than for the first baby, where he only was able to take about a week and a half off before going back.  We also had some friends come by to visit and bring meals.

Once my pain lessened enough, I did start going for some walks around the block. At some point I pushed myself too far and tried to do too much (ran too many errands) and ended up getting mastitis. But rest, extra nursing, and an antibiotic cleared it up.

I did use my maternity leave as an opportunity to fit in all my doctor’s appointments. It’s so hard to find the time when I’m working! So, besides my follow-up appointment with my Obgyn, I scheduled my yearly physical, met up with my GI doctor, and checked in with my ENT. And it worked out well that my ENT was able to schedule my long overdue sinus surgery. After years of sinus infections and other breathing issues, it was time to deal with my nose. And so one week before going back to work, I had the surgery. Luckily my parents came back out that week to help out! I wouldn’t have been able to properly recover or even take good care of my baby if they hadn’t come. One other bonus to scheduling surgery then (besides still being off and getting a chance to recover) is I took advantage of my health insurance plan: I already hit the deductible from having the baby, so everything else after was a reasonably low deductible (plus at this point I’m pretty close to my out-of-pocket maximum, so anything else I need this year won’t cost us much more!)

Those 12 weeks of maternity leave went by so fast. Now both kids are at daycare all day, and I’m back at work trying to make pumping work again this time around. So far the pumping is going all right. I hope I can keep up with pumping as long as I did last time (past my first child’s first birthday).

How do your ideas of parental leave compare to reality?


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  1. My maternity leave was pretty rough as well. The C section really beat me up, though after the first few weeks more emotionally and mentally than physically.

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