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We Finally Got Our Heat Replaced November 5, 2019

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(FYI, this is NOT a sponsored post, but I do reference the Mass Save program and benefits a bunch of times, mostly to make sure folks are aware of programs like this that provide home energy audits for free or for a fee, depending on the state.  These programs also recommend upgrades and other options that may be highly discounted or come with great rebates)

As if spending money on a new car wasn’t enough, we also just got our heat replaced. When we bought our house, the home inspector pointed out that both the furnace for the forced hot water and the water heater were nearing the end of their useful life.  And then when we had our free energy audit through Mass Save a few months into home ownership, we were also told that we should try to get a new, more efficient system.

Well, time got away from us (which tends to happen with one, then two kids), so we kept putting it off.  But then the furnace sprang a leak and flooded our basement, which kicked us back on track.

So, we got a quote from the same company that did the last few minor repairs on our old heating system.  The quote was quite reasonable, and included a few of the rebates available through Mass Save. We probably should have gotten more quotes, but the price was just about what we expected based on estimates from our home inspector, and we did get them to install new programmable thermostats for free.

So, now we have a new, more efficient system for our heat and hot water. Plus with our new thermostats, we can actually program different temperatures for different times/days to save money. Before, only one of our thermostats actually was new enough to be programmed properly.

We’ve scheduled another free energy audit for a few weeks from now (we’re eligible every 2 years) since we want to find out what their newest recommendations are for saving energy.  The last time they came, they replaced our light bulbs with new, more efficient light bulbs, gave us a few free power strips to help us lower “standby” energy use, and gave us some recommendations (along with quotes for those upgrades).  We didn’t end up doing many of their recommendations since we wanted to figure out our heat system first, and some couldn’t be done until after some fixes were made to the heat anyway.  So hopefully they’ll provide us new quotes for adding insulation and sealing up drafts in the house, along with any other good ideas they have for us.

It will be interesting to see just how much we’ll save on our gas bill this winter!

Have you ever done a home energy audit?  Was it worth it for you?  What are the biggest changes you’ve made to save energy in your home?


5 Responses to “We Finally Got Our Heat Replaced”

  1. jovermyer1 Says:

    The free home energy audits from my electric co-op are only available for someone family homes, and I’m in a townhouse. But I’ve made improvements over the years such as an 18-SEER air conditioning unit (needed 10 months a year here in Southwest Florida) and last year I replaced my rusty old water heater with a tankless water heater. Those, along with using LEDs instead of incandescent or CFL bulbs, brought my summertime electric bill down to a high of $71 this year. That’s about a third of what my friends tell me they pay in the summer cooling months


  2. Did you see my post on this a while back? I did a full analysis of our costs savings. We are definitely in the black 7 years later, and saving a ton of energy to boot.


  3. we’ve had two of those audits about 10 years apart in our very old home. the biggest bang for your buck in energy savings is sealing up drafts with caulk and weather stripping. we skipped the high density urethane insulation because it cost a lot. we finally this year insulated our attic ceiling so we’ll see the difference hopefully in the next 6 months. the one thing i didn’t like about these audit companies was they tried to sell us crap on a payment plan like we were buying an s.u.v or something. we don’t pay per month. we pay cash.


  4. FreedomFIter Says:

    The biggest thing we have done so far is install solar – but this type of rehaul is coming down the pike, when we eventually are in a better financial situation.


  5. bostonrookie Says:

    We had oil heat when we moved into our house 4 years ago. The furnace was over 30 years old. We did an energy audit to get the process started. We did some insulation and decided to convert from oil to gas. We also added an additional zone, that was 3 years ago. We still have electric water heater, so that’s next on the list to complete. We used the no interest loan for the furnace and also installed an AC at the same time.


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