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Last Weekend in January 2013 January 31, 2013

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After reading Elizabeth’s post about her weekend, I figured I might as well update about my weekend.  You’ll have to tell me what you think.  It’s a bit different from my typical blog posts, so let me know if I should keep doing them!  And feel free to comment about any of the stuff I talk about!


We started out Friday night by going out to dinner at Yak and Yeti in Ball Square in Somerville.  It’s a Nepali and Indian restaurant we’ve been to a few times before.  Super tasty!  We  had a gift certificate to use there, so we got a pretty good deal.

Afterward, we went to meet up with some friends at Daddy Jones.  We used to go to the restaurant that was there before (huge plates of delicious Italian food!) so we were curious what the new place was like.  It definitely had a hipster vibe to it, but wasn’t super crowded.  We might check it out again.


After taking things easy when it comes to working out, I was ready to slowly wean myself back on the workout wagon.  I did a workout using the Nike+ Kinect Training program on our Xbox.  Some of the activities were a little tough, but it was still fun.  I’ll try to have a bigger review of Nike+ Kinect Training later on (after a few more workouts).  Or maybe have my boyfriend write a guest post on it, because he’s been using it a lot more than I have!

Then I headed out to get a haircut.  And I got my hair dyed, too.   I was long overdue for a haircut, and my sisters have been hounding me to get my hair colored to cover up the grey hair I’ve been gaining.  I had been debating for awhile whether it was worth it to pay for a hair coloring at a salon versus just using a boxed hair color.  I realized it made more sense (for me) to go out to get it done, since a hairdresser has more skill and experience than me.  Plus I’m a bit lazy.  And was ready to get mildly pampered by letting someone do stuff for me.  And I was already going to be getting a hair cut.  So why not?  And an added bonus:  It was the birthday of 3 of the hairdressers working at the salon that day, so I got some free birthday cake!  Grey gone, hair cut, and cake eaten!

That night we went to a game night at our friends’ house.  We played quite a few games of Dominion.  It’s a super fun card game, even if some people think it’s nerdy 🙂  And then I gained more nerd cred by finally playing Settlers of Catan.  Have you ever played either of these games?  I’m hooked on Dominion but I’m not quite a convert when it comes to Settlers.


Sunday morning started the way I like it, going to church with a friend, then chatting with some more friends afterward.  Heard news from one couple that they’re expecting!  I thought I spotted a baby bump, but I didn’t want to make the extreme faux pas of jumping to a conclusion on that!  So, good news there!

The rest of Sunday was pretty lazy.  And since I really wanted to get some rest, I took a nice long nap.  I’m committed to kicking this cold to the curb!

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  Finally take care of the things you’ve been putting off for months?

And are you ready for February?  Where did January go?


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