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Haircuts and budgets October 10, 2007

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[originally posted Saturday, September 08, 2007 11:50 PM]

So, I realized that getting your haircut can be a lot cheaper if you don’t care that much. I asked around with friends to see what was good/cheap/nearby and got some good recommendations. I suppose this post will be extra helpful for anyone living in the Davis area, since that’s where some friends were living. So, I think these are probably all good places to go, if you trust my friends! I got recommendations for Salonika and Salon Femia in Davis Square, Salon CU and Amal Niccoli Salon (ask for Julie, according to a friend) in Ball Square, and Supercuts in Porter Square.

I ended up going to Supercuts, believe it or not. I got a pretty darn good haircut! Compared to the $35 or so that most of the salons were charging, I paid $19 (including tip) for a hair washing and a cut. And I desperately needed a hair cut. I was going against all those rules of getting it cut every 3 months or whatever it should be. Oh, and don’t worry, I had gotten a haircut within the past year, it was back near my family’s house. That’s where I had gotten my haircut all through college. I didn’t really trust the place in the student center, and so I’d just get my hair cut whenever I went home for a vacation. I got it cut around shoulder length this time around, which will hopefully make me look and feel a lot less dumpy. The people there were really nice, and, really, I didn’t need anything fancy! So, the moral of this story is, you don’t necessarily need to go to a fancy salon. I might end up going to one of the other places some time, depending on where I’m living, and what I’m looking for with my hair. I probably would have gotten more attention, and a thorough blow drying (you pay extra to get your hair washed and/or blow dried at Supercuts) had I gone to one of the other places listed. And I’m guessing people have horror stories of both the really cheap places as well as the really expensive places. So, if you’re on a budget, and you’re not willing to spend more than you have to to get just a basic cut, go for the cheaper locations! If you have difficult hair to work with, or you’ve found a place you like, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go!

Well, hopefully that came through with enough of the “go for cheap if you want” without hurting anyone’s feelings (hair stylists, big spenders).

I do want to update soon about my recent trip to Nicaragua (quick preview: That place is AMAZING!) I really appreciate the comments I’ve received, by the way, and hopefully you’ll keep reading my site (and letting me know what you think)! Thanks! And thanks also to those of you who have emailed me about getting an ING savings account or ING electric orange checking account referrals. I hope you are enjoying your new account! (and your $25 bonuses!) Anyone interested, please do shoot me an email!

Wow, too many exclamation points! This is what happens when you’re writing a post after midnight.

[Edit: I also saved money by signing up for their email program. Yes, it’s another email clogging up your inbox, but I got a $2 coupon, and they’re going to send me coupons every few months, along with a reminder that I might need another haircut]


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