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A weekend trip to Knight Island July 22, 2012

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Sometimes it’s good to get away.  Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a weekend trip away from home to relax.

We went to a place without internet, without TV…

And without indoor plumbing

IMG_1929 No one said anything about outhouses…

We drove up to Vermont, about halfway up Lake Champlain to stay at Knight Island.  My boyfriend’s brother is the Ranger for the island this summer, and we were invited to stay with him on his island.


Welcome to a relaxing weekend on Knight Island!

Knight Island is small.  I mean, REALLY small.  Check out the map!  So we were able to hike all around the island fairly easily, visit all the campgrounds, and see some pretty great views!





I also met my new best friend:


Mica, the best dog EVER

Mica is the awesomest dog I’ve ever met.  Wes (the Ranger) has been a foster parent to dogs at the local humane society, taking care of dogs for a few weeks until someone adopts them.  Mica had just arrived earlier on the day we came up.  She was so friendly and loving!  It made me wish we had our own house with a big yard so that we could adopt her.

We actually went canoeing with Mica in the boat.  It was a little tricky, since she liked being in laps, and she first tried to be in my boyfriend, Aaron’s lap, which meant that my end of the boat was out of the water!  To balance it out better, we had her sitting near me.  It only made the paddling a little trickier, trying to row without elbowing her!

For more pictures from our trip, you can check them out here.

We had a great time.  It really was nice just to get away and not think about anything.  We caught up on some reading, some sleeping, and just enjoying nature.

I really like weekend trips like this.  They don’t require a lot of planning or money, which seem to be the two things that have been stopping me from going on a big trip:  I don’t like planning/making decisions, and you know I’m not a big fan of spending money!  I also like these trips because they’re so low key and relaxing.

When’s the last time you took a quick weekend trip away?  Where did you go?


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