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Valentine’s Dinner in Harvard Square February 24, 2008

So, as to avoid the Valentine’s Day rush on the 14th, my boyfriend and I went on the 13th (aren’t we sneaky!) For dinner, we went to Grendel’s Den. It’s a small, slightly crowded restaurant with a good variety of foods. We got the Cheese Fondue for Two, which is usually $25. However, we got the meal for half price, since they have a deal that if you buy drinks over $3, your meal is half off. I think we might have spent a little bit more than we had if we hadn’t ordered drinks…but at least we got drinks! I ordered a peach Lambic beer from Lindemans that was served with a matching glass. Lambic is pretty darn tasty. I love peach flavors, and really, this beer doesn’t really taste like beer at all!

We then wandered over to Finale, a dessert place I’ve mentioned before. We shared a fabulous Valentine’s Day special, and two different hot chocolates (one regular, one hazelnut).

It was a pretty great night!


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