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Cute things can be dangerous to my wallet March 7, 2009

Let me just first say, that cute things are only dangerous to my wallet if I don’t practice some restraint.

I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and walk over to Davis Square to get my haircut (the haircut was LONG overdue!).  Went to Salon Femia (again, this time with Daniella, Ornella’s sister), and got quite a short cut.  I was nervous at first, but I think I like it after all.  She had a few suggestions, including dying my hair with regular temporary box color (but didn’t try to upsell me on anything!) because I’ve been getting quite a few white hairs already.  I think I’ll hold off on coloring until I can figure out what color to get (and maybe my friend Melissa can help with the process!)  She also said that my haircut is really versatile, that I could use some fun accessories, hairclips/headbands/scarves, etc.  So now I’ve got the thought in the back of my head that I should go out and buy some cute hair accessories!

Read outside for a while.  Have been reading the book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely.  It’s a pretty good book.  He actually mentions personal finance blogs (pages 122-123), including Poorer than You, We’re in Debt, Make Love Not Debt, and Blogging Away Debt, quoting an article about how bloggers interact with each other, sharing stories, ideas, etc. to encourage each others to save money and pay off debts.

And then I started walking around Davis Square.  There are a few new shops there since I last wandered around.  And two of them almost got me buying…Especially since I was hoping to find those hair accessories.  Went into Magpie, which has lots of cute handmade and indie items, like jewelry, bags, cards, and apparel.  One of my friends sells her button necklaces there.  I was tempted by all the cute stuff there, but resisted.  I then headed over to Davis Squared, which had similar items, though more likely manufactured , including tea sets,  aprons, wallets, etc.  Again, tempted!  But again, resisted!  I think stores like these that have Etsy-like products are very good at tempting me.

I guess I’ve also been tempted at Target.  They have so many cute items, especially their organization stuff and dishware/other kitchen supplies.  It’s the kind of stuff where you’d say, “Hmm, those nautical themed serving dishes are adorable!  I guess I need to have a nautical themed party and buy those”.  I resisted the organization supplies as well, because really, I don’t need organization, I need to toss all the outdated junk I have and cut out unnecessary items.  (then maybe I can organize what I have left)

So, luckily, the cute stuff called my name, but I was able to resist.  If I didn’t have as much self restraint, I’d have so much more stuff!  Basically, I want cute things to wear and decorate my house with.  But I’m thinking the housewares can wait until I have a place of my own.  The longer I hold off, the better I’ll be able to utilize these things.  Like I said before, I need to do a major overhaul of what I own.  No need to clutter up before I declutter!


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