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Going out for Ethiopian food January 13, 2008

My boyfriend and I have restarted a tradition of going out to eat once a week. It’s fun to go out on dates, what can I say? We’d seen an Ethiopian restaurant and figured we should check it out.

We headed over to Addis Red Sea near Porter Square. The website is actually for another location, but the menu listed is pretty much the same, so I think the site applies for both locations.

We shared the Addis Red Sea Special Combo, which had Doro Wot, Doro Alcha, Lega Tibs, Zenge (Exotic Beef Stew), House Salad, and Gomen Wot (collard greens). They were all served on top of inerja. The links point to the menu pages that describe the different dishes (check out this wikibook or the menu for more information about what we had). We also ordered the lentil sambusa for an appetizer and shared a glass of Axum, Ethiopian honey wine.

The food was very tasty. Some flavors were a bit too spicy for me (I’m a bit weak when it comes to spice!) Total for the dinner for 2 plus appetizer and wine came out to $49. It was my turn to pay (we trade off for dinners out). This actually helped me save money and eat healthily the rest of the week because I didn’t want to spend any more money! So, sometimes dining out can save you money (if guilt works for you!)


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