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Major life event update August 25, 2013

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I haven’t posted in a while.  But I’m sure you’re used to that by now.

I wasn’t quite sure how to tell you guys this exciting news:

This happened:


Yep, we’re engaged!  Very happy 🙂

You may have already heard through twitter.  Or if you’re a friend in real life.  I guess it’s been about a month since we got engaged.  Sorry it took me so long to tell you guys!

Yes, I’ve started planning.  And trying to keep costs down!  I know how quickly wedding expenses can build up, so I’ll try to be careful!  We’ve already got a few things figured out (ceremony location, reception location, wedding date), but there’s plenty of things we still need to deal with (guest list? flowers? music? honeymoon?)

I know there will be some up and downs.  And lots of opinions.  But come our wedding day, it’s going to be AWESOME.

The one book keeping me sane right now is A Practical Wedding, written by Meg Keene, the woman behind  I first heard about the book/website from Revanche (A Gai Shan Life)  awhile back.  And so right after I got engaged, I bought myself a copy of the book.  And apparently the book is so good that my good friend Sarah (of Sarah and Michael fame) also ordered me a copy! (I thanked her for it and returned the extra copy)  She said it really helped keep things in perspective for her.

So, I’ll probably be blogging a bit about my wedding planning.  And my attempts to keep costs under control without making things look cheap or tacky!

What are your favorite wedding planning books/blogs/websites?  What advice did you hear a lot?  And what advice did you actually take?


6 Responses to “Major life event update”

  1. stefsze Says:

    Yahoo!!! A major congrats to you and your fiancé! Planning weddings can be a lot of fun if you don’t let the stress get to you. Enjoy the process- I actually missed it when my wedding was done 🙂

    Surround yourself with support and people who will stand by you- screw everybody else and their opinions. Best advice I can give 🙂

    Congratulations again!


  2. Anisa Says:

    We ended up at about $13K without really trying to save money. The really big expense is the reception. I we saved a ton of money by passing on ridiculous prices for a mediocre experience at the Marriott and actually looking for a restaurant with delicious food. But you say you’ve already got a place for the reception. Also, prioritize the things you care about and just ignore the things you don’t care about. For example, we cared about the photographer, so we shelled out for that. We didn’t care about centerpieces at the reception, so we didn’t have any, and nobody seemed to mind. I’d be happy to chat about specifics.


  3. Anisa Says:

    Oh! And let me know if you want a knitted lace shawl or veil.


  4. Revanche Says:

    Congrats again! I’m glad you’re reading the APW book 🙂 I should try to pick it up again, I never made it through once I hit the “so you’ve lost a parent” chapter.


  5. […] a Major life event update from Stephanie. She is a fellow Massachusetts-based blogger, and broke the news this week – […]


  6. Abigail B. Says:

    Yay! Congrats, Steph and Aaron!!!


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